Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Thoms, Renato

Thoms, Renato, percussionist; b. Colon, Panama, 22 June 1967. His parents are Lionel Thoms (b. July13 1938 Colon, Panama) and Maria McLean (b. December 1,1942, Colon Panama). His brothers are Romulo Thoms and Remo Thoms.

His teachers have been Giovanni Hidalgo and Ed Uribe. Renato began his music training at the Conservatory of the National University of Heredia in Costa Rica. Thoms moved to the US in 1992 to go to Berklee. He moved to NY in 1998. After earning a Bachelor of Music Performance degree at Berklee College of Music where he received a musical merit scholarship, Renato received his Master of Music degree in Jazz Studies at The Bostom Conservatory in 1998. He also received the Berklee College of Music Professional Performance Division Latin Percussion Award for Outstanding Musical Ability in the Area of Latin Percussion Performance and was awarded Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

Renato currently performs with numerous well-regarded Latin jazz musicians and ensembles, including Ruben Blades, Eddie Palmieri's Latin Jazz & Salsa Orchestra, the Danilo Perez Quintet, Brian Lynch, Hilton Ruiz's Latin Jazz Orchestra, Sol y Canto, Paquito D'Rivera, Victor Mendoza, Bob Moses and Mozamba, Antonio Hart and the late Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez. In addition to the Latin and jazz idioms, Renato enjoys playing a variety of percussion styles including classical, pop and R&B. His recording credits include Eric Reed, Antonio Hart, Harvie Swartz, Edu Tancredi and The Boston Pops. He competed as a finalist in the Thelonius Monk Latin Jazz Hand Drum Competition.

As an educator, Renato is a lecturer of Latin American percussion at Carnegie Hall. He has lectured and taught master classes at Holy Cross University, Rutgers University, LaGuardia Community College, Swarthmore College and Conservatorio Superior de Musica in Spain. Renato conducts the Latin Jazz Workshop, an ongoing project at the Brooklyn Conservatory and directs the after school Afro-Caribbean percussion programs at PS87. Renato endorses Latin Percussion instruments.

He's done performances, recordings and extensive touring in the United States, Canada and Caribbean; three-time winner of the Boston Music Awards for Outstanding Latin Act, featured in Latin Beat, Latina, and the Boston Globe. From 1996-Present, he's been with Conrad Herwig Jazz Ensemble. From 1996-Present, he's been with Danilo Perez Jazz Ensemble. From 1995-Present, he's been with the Hilton Ruiz Latin Jazz Orchestra. From 1998-Present, he's been with the Antonio Hart Jazz Ensemble. From 1999-Present he's been with Sol y Canto Latin Folk Band. From 1994, he's been with Harvie Swartz & Eye Contact. He's also worked with Bob Moses, Bobby Sanabria, Chris Washburne, Conrad Herwig, Dave Valentin, Eric Reed, Johnny Pacheco, Papo Vazquez, Paquito D'Rivera, Ruben Blades, and The Boston Pops.
Arkadia Jazz Presents: Thank You Joe; Victor Mendoza: Black Bean Blues; Ron Reid's Sunsteel: Calypsoldier; Stephan Mercier: Fresh Sounds; Chris Washburne: The Other Side; Eric Reed: Happenings; The Boston Pops: The Latin Album; Antonio Hart: Ama Tu Sonrisa; Sol y Canto: Sancocho; Edu Tancredi: Latin Spell; Eric Reed: Manhattan Melodies; Dario Boente Group: Looking for Trouble; Sonido Isleno: El Asunto; Sol y Canto: En Todo Momento, Sendero Del Sol; Groove Apparatus: The Enlightened Ones; Also recorded ca. 2001 with Ryan Kisor, Eric Reed, Hilton Ruiz, Harvie S

Contact information:
Renato Thoms
501 Hicks Street
Apartment 302
Brooklyn, NY, 11231

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