Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Tilly, Eva

Tilly, Eva, pianist, bandleader, piano teacher; b. Ann Arbor, Michigan, 10 February 1965. Her father is Richard Tilly and her mother is Elisabeth Tilly. She's the third of four children, her other siblings being Benjamin, Johanna and Stephanie. She was raised in Munster, Germany.

After the graduation 1984 she went to Wurzburg, South Germany to study music at the conservatory. She studied classical piano with the pianist Michael Schluter. Later on, she also studied jazz piano with Chris Beier. In 1990, she got her examens. During the studies she already started playing concerts (classical music, then more and more jazz gigs and performing with Latin bands, Brazilian music and Salsa bands) and teaching. After her examens she concentrated on Latin music and jazz. In 1993, she formed her own Salsa band "Orquesta Salsamania," a ten-piece orchestra.

Since then, she's had many gigs (festivals, clubs, open airs). In 2002, she played at Montreux Jazz Off-festival. Since 1991, she's also teaching piano, Jazz Combo and Improvisation at a music school.
Through music business- in a gig with another band- she met her later husband Tomas Perez (Puerto Rico, bass and percussion player).

In 1994, her daughter Elena was born. (She is playing flute and piano!)

Ahora (1999); Other recordings (with different Salsabands, Jazzbands etc.); In 2003, she recorded a new CD with original songs and arrangments
Television broadcasts:
TV Concert "Tropic nights" in H.R. (1999)

Contact information: 
The homepage of "Salsamania" is: www.salsamania.de

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