Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Tomoyose, Takaya

Tomoyose, Takaya, guitar player, composer, arranger; b. Naha C. Okinawa, Japan, 4 August 1959.

Starting his music career at the age of 16 at a local dance club until he ran away from the world. He learned classical guitar, jazz guitar, composition and arrangement of jazz by three teachers each at Tokyo, Japan. He began to teach jazz in Okinawa, 1984. He had been playing at local resort hotels from 1983 to 1989 as a luckless-always grumbling- guitar solo-bandman, while playing jazz with the other grumbling bandmen at a local live house "Jazz Box" until he ran away from the world. By 1989, he had performed jazz lives at live houses in Tokyo, such as a major live house "Pit Inn" at Shinjyuku and all that no customer- jazz houses.

Like many luckless jazz players, he went back to his homeland (Okinawa) again, began to teach jazz again, 1992. He had no choice, and went back to the set position as a bandman. He has chronic inflammation of a tendon and its sheath. (In short, he always feels pain in his left wrist.) He started to withdraw bandsmen jobs, and keep his mind on the teaching job. One day, when he woke up in the afternoon he was aware that he had never been a bandleader since he started his music career. He made up his mind that he would make his own trio.

In 1995, he gave performances with his trio members again at some live houses. He quit giving performances here in Okinwa as a negative person in 1996. One day, when he woke up in the evening, he made up his mind to make CDs by editing his vast cassette tapes which contain his past performances since he was sixteen. In October1998, he released four CDs as a memory of his past 15year- performances.

One day, he got a phone call from a manager of a live house if he had a mind of giving live performances again. 4 years had passed since he gave up playing. He decided to be back to play jazz again as a positive man. In April1999, he began to play jazz with his same old bass player at a live house "Mods" in Okinawa C. Okinawa regularly. The performance has changed from duo to trio. On Feb. 2001, he quit playing jazz with the trio because of a few listeners, but continued to give performances of all kinds of music by acoustic guitar solo improvisation, regularly.

On his website, he's been writing the ever-lasting -themes in learning jazz in Japan. The title of the site is "Why Jazz is dead? Watch the current cultures of Japan and Okinawa through the crystal of jazz world in Okinawa." He has tried to prove themes such as: How the Japanese jazz snobs have obstructed the progress of jazz music in Japan; Why the Japanese jazz musicians mimic the styles of American established jazz players and sell the phrases as if their own styles of jazz; Why jazz fans worship mimic jazz players in Japan; to dig out the new relations with American jazz for Japanese musicians; and to create "Non Discrimination-Improvisation-Music "for letting jazz come alive.

The Old Songs (2001)


Contact information:
tel & fax 098-869-6403
Address: 409 Shima -"Manshion" - Asato , 173 Asato, Naha C. Okinawa, 902-0067,  Japan.
Yahoo e-mail: bcde409@yahoo.co.jp
Trough-Mac: bcde409@ybb.ne.jp

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