Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Trager, Eddie (Edward Mark Strauss)

Trager, Eddie [Edward Mark Strauss], singer; b. Brooklyn, NY, 10 March 1949. It was in Brooklyn, where he grew up, that he chose Trager as a stage name. His father, Saul (Gabriel) Strauss-b.1/26/08 in Phil., d.1974, was a well-known pianist under the stage name Roger Steele, who accompanied such famous singers as Mel Torme, Judy Garland and Julie London. His mother Anita Stutman (maiden name), b. 3/07/14-Brooklyn, N.Y. was a dancer, actress and model. Saul's brother was Frank Martin Strauss-b. 2/24/96-Phila., Pa., his sister was Esther Strauss, b. Phila., Pa. Saul's father was also Edward Strauss and Saul's mother was Eleanor Strauss-birthdate and place of both unknown.

He grew up in Brooklyn in the same neighborhood as Woody Allen and Barbra Streisand and, as a youngster, his introduction to them was a great influence on him. As a youngster, Eddie studied piano and his knowledge of music enables him to approach his songs with the musical strategy of a talented and seasoned musician. He is adept at speaking in musical terms to his arrangers and players who accompany him, stimulating them to play at a higher level.

He has sung with various musical groups over the years and has performed at many clubs such as Lush Life and Seventh Avenue South, as well as at parties and weddings in the New York Tri-state area. In addition, he has played many of the clubs and lounges in Las Vegas with his orchestra.

Television broadcasts and films:
He's appeared on many television programs including "The Joe Franklin Show", "The John King Cable Show" and "The Maury Alter Segment" of the New York local CBS News. 
His acting talents have landed him featured roles in several independent films.

Contact information:

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