Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Turk, Mike

Turk, Mike, harmonica; b. Bronx, NY.

Turk began his passion for the harmonica in his early teen years, learning licks off albums by leading Chicago blues harp exponents Paul Butterfield, Little Walter, and James Cotton. After deciding to take up the life of a professional jazz-and-blues musician, he traveled to Boston in the mid-1970s and became a fixture at many local area clubs.

Turk, an alum of Berklee College of Music (81') has received various NEA Fellowship awards and is currently on the faculty at Berklee College. As well as local clubs, Mike has appeared at countless New England area concerts, Art Council venues and Jazz Clubs including numerous tours in Italy.

The Cambridge resident has also recorded with artists as diverse as the Temptations and the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Cincinnatti Pops Orchestra and supplied his distinctive tones to various network television productions.

Harmonica Salad (1992); Turk's Works (1996); A Little Taste of Cannonball (1999)
As sideperson:
John Kolstad: Beans Taste Fine; Jerry Lee Lewis: Young Blood; Boston Symphony Orchestra conducted by S. Ozawa: Carnival of the Animals; Paul Broadnax: It's About Time;
Monica Hatch: A Time For Love; Matt Gordy: Almost Spring; Common Ground: Homeward Bound - A Tribute to Paul Simon; Boston Jazz Ensemble: In A Sentimental Mood;
The Northstar Jazz Ensemble: The Way You Look Tonight, Like Someone In Love, Various sessions for "Nostalgia" and "Artist Tribute" series; Donna Byrne: Don't Dream of Anybody But Me;
Ida Zecco: Better To Have Loved
Soundtracks of many motion pictures, including City of Hope, Dick Tracy, (the latter alongside legendary pianist Jerry Lee Lewis), and Lonestar.

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