Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Turner, Roger

Turner, Roger, drumset and percussion; b. Whitstable, Kent, England 3 February 1946. His father was Tom Turner (1906 -1981, Lavenham, England). His mother was Emiline Turner (Audis) (1910-1954, Salisbury, England). His brothers were Tony Turner 1937-2002, bury St. Edmunds, England and Ian turner (b. 1942, Whitstable, England). Both brothers were amateur musicians in youth.

Turner grew up amongst the Canterbury music life of the 1960s with a strong broad jazz root. His first formal performance in improvisation was in duo with Chris Biscoe for the British council, Brighton 1966. Moved to London in 1968 and worked with the Ghanaian drum ensemble Mask and toured with the experimental and innovative Ritual Theatre. Since 1974 work was primarily concentrated on opening the way to a more personal percussion language. Extensive festival and club solo work followed. Arts council of Great Britain bursaries for solo percussion 1980 and in 1983 for investigation into percussion with electronics. Workshop residences have included Alan Silva's institut Art Cultur Perception, Paris 1984 and 1985. Involvements with experimental rock music and open-form song included extensive duo work with Annette Peacock 1983-5, and recordings with post-wave band The Nose Flutes 1986-7. He has worked with numerous jazz-based ensembles including those of Elton Dean, Alan Silva, and Lol Coxhill.

Collaborations with filmmakers & image projection include work with Martin Klapper and Chikako Oyama. Music for dance includes work with Alexander Frangenheim's concepts of doing, Stuttgart; Matthew Hawkins Company London; Carlos Zingaro's Encontros projects Lisbon and Macau, Cchina. Music-making with international improvisers in ad hoc and group collaborations have since the 70s to the present day included Toshinori Kondo, Derek Bailey, Trio1z with Carlos Zingaro and Tom Cora, Evan Parker, Cecil Taylor, Otomo Yoshihide, Shelley Hirsch, Joelle Leandre, Keith Rowe, Wolfgang Fuchs, Ab Baars, Barry Guy, Barre Philips, Paul Rutherford, Gunter Christmann, Steve Beresford, Eugene Chadbourne, Marilyn Crispell, etc.

He's working currently with The Tradition Trio (Alan Silva And Johannes Bauer), The Recedents (With Lol Coxhill And Mike Cooper), Konk Pack (With Tim Hodgkinson And Thomas Lehn), The Phil Minton Quartet (Including Veryan Weston And John Butcher), the duos with John Russell and Phil Minton, The New Flags (with Xu Fengxia and Wolfgang Fuchs), in collaborations with artist Susan Turcot (Canada 03) and more. He's done festivals, tours, and concerts throughout Europe, Australia, Canada, U.S.A., Mexico, The Far East and more. 

Roger's daughter is Dixie Turner (b. 1 June 1978).

Gary Todd: Sunday Best; Toshinori Kondo: Artless Sky; John Russell: The Blue Between, Birthdays, The Second Sky; Lol Coxhill: Cous Cous; Annette Peacock: I Have No Feelings;
Minton, Tomlinson, Davies: Ruff; The Nose Flutes: Several Young Men Ignite; Alan Silva, Didier, Petit: Take Some Risks; The Recedents: Barbeque Strut, Frogdance, Zombie Bloodbath;
Phil Minton: Ammo, Dada Da, Mouthful Of Ecstasy; Alan Silva and Johannes Bauer: In The Tradition; Helge Hinteregger & Franz Hautzinger: Per S.E;
Steve Beresfod, Dennis Palmer, Bob Stagner: Short In The U.K.; Martin Klapper: Recent Croaks; Hugh Davies, John Russell: Interplay; Recordings For Sampling: Junk Percussion;
Hinteregger& Uchihashi Kazuhisa: Autism; Big Deep Grob Konk Pack; Birgit Ulher and Ulli Phillipp: Umlaut Nurnichtnur; Mathieu Chamagne and Franck Collot: The Boss Pink;
Warp Out Grob Konk Pack; Screen Cod; Tradition Trio
"Solo Sketches" by Fabienne Audeoud.
Film of "The Recedents" by Fabienne Audeoud.
"The Tradition Trio" filmed by Alan Silva and Catherine Bourgouin.
The Tradition Trio filmed at Tonic NY by Brian Carpenter (part of a film on Albert Ayler)

Contact information: 
tel: 0044 207 221 3188

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