Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Ughi, Federico

Ughi, Federico, drummer; b. Rome, Italy, 11 October 1972. His parents are Luciano Ughi (father, born in Rome, Italy on Dec 6th, 1943) and Maria Angela Tommasi (mother, born on Oct 10th 1940 in Alessandria, Italy).

He has been playing drums since age 12, after switching from guitar and recorder. He studied at the UM School of Music Rome, 1990-93, and with Paul Bley, pianist, 2000.

Ughi is an artist based in New York, with a particular interest in improvisation. During the years, he has performed as a composer, drummer, and electronic musician with such artists as: Daniel Carter, Steve Dalachinsky, Tom Abbs, Jaime Fennelly, Nathan Hanson, Matt Glassmeyer, Sean Moran, Tom Aldrich, Michael Evans in New York and Geoff Simkins, Steve Buckley, Rhodri Davies, Phil Durrant, Cinematic Orchestra (Ninja Tune), Roberto Bellatalla, Carl Orr and Bloody Riot in London, UK and Italy.

Prior to 1994, he was based in Rome, where he studied music at UM (Universita1 della Musica), and worked as a drummer and bandleader in bands covering diverse styles from hard bop to be bop to crossover funk to rock to punk to hardcore punk (Bloody Riot). From 1994-1999, he was based in London, and performed in many venues and festivals including Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Brighton Jazz Bop Festival, Relay 1998, and Total Eclipse Festival. He co-led the acoustic quartet "After Breakfast" which toured throughout Europe, and was awarded a grant from Jazz Services for the "After Breakfast UK Autumn Tour 1998". He moved to New York in early 2000, inspired by Paul Bley, with whom he studied.

Current collaborative projects include continuing development of his duos with Steve Dalachinsky and with Daniel Carter. Current solo projects include recordings and performances for his ongoing ULERS series. This series involves unrehearsed live editing of recordings he has made of one-hour journeys taken in different places (Brooklyn, Manhattan, London, Rome, Venice). In early 2001, in Brooklyn, he established 577 Records (www.577records.com), an independent record label, through which he promotes his own work, as well as that of selected artists who particularly inspire his artistic vision.

Federico Ughi Duets: The Space Within (2000); Federico Ughi and Daniel Carter: Astonishment (2001);
Steve Dalachinsky and Federico Ughi: I thought it was the end of the world then the end of the world happened again (2001); ULERS Two (2002);
Radio broadcasts:
Federico Ughi's music is played regularly by the following radio stations: Radio Program presented by Pino Saulo, Radio 3, RAI Radio Televisione Italiana (Italian public TV); Wired for Sound, Host/Producer: Chris Meloche, CHRW 94.7 FM, London, Ont., Canada; WREK 91.1 FM,  Georgia Tech Student Radio; Delire Actuel radio show. CFLX 95,5 FM (Sherbrooke, Quebec);
AGGUATI N 26, Radio 3, RAI Radio Televisione Italiana (Italian public TV)

Contact information:

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