Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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van den Brink, Bert

van den Brink, Bert, pianist; b. 24 July 1958. His father is Albert Harmen van den Brink. When he was five years old he got his first piano lesson. In 1976 Bert started his professional education at the conservatory of Utrecht.

He studied piano with Herman Uhlhorn. In 1982 he graduated cum laude. In the mean time he was improvising a lot on piano and organ. In this field of the music Bert is completely self-taught. Also in 1982 Bert started teaching jazz piano at the conservatory of Utrecht.

In the first period after graduation he gave several classical recitals, but gradually the balance changed to jazz. Bert has played with Chet Baker, Nat Aderly, Philip Catherine,
Louis van Dijk, Jules de Corte, John Engels, Hein van de Geyn, Rick Margitza, Toots Thielemans and many others.

In 1990 and 1991 he was the pianist in the quartet of Dee Dee Bridgewater. He also worked with Denise Jannah. Cor Bakker and Bert van den Brink played a lot as grand piano duo.
At this moment he performs with the vocalist Miranda van Kralingen. Bert also plays solo jazz piano recitals
As arranger/producer Bert worked for the Metropole orchestra, Denise Jannah and others.
One of the highlights was his arrangement of the opera Porgy & Bess.

24 preludes opus 28, F. Chopin; Amstel Octet: Hazy Hugs; Deepest to Dearest; Dee Dee Bridgewater: Live in Montreux; U. Wewelsiep: My Favourite Stories; Intermezzo: In full Colour, Still Crazy; Cor Bakker en Bert van den Brink: Declared, Grand Piano Duo; United Strings; Henk Delaat: But Beautiful; Denise Jannah: Different Colours; Willem Nijholt zingt (met) Frans Ehlhart: Nooit Verloren; Philip Catherine Quartet: Live; Wondering; Lee Konitz met het Bert van den Brink Trio: Dialogues; Toots Thielemans: Chez Toots; Rick Margitza met het Bert van den Brink Trio: Conversations; Denise Jannah: The madness of our love, Denise Jannah; Miranda van Kralingen: Vocal variety; Toon Hermans: Als de liefde; Bert van den Brink invites Clare Fischer; Jazz at the Pinehil; Charlotte Glorie Bert van den Brink: Bewogen en bevlogen; Petty Trossel:  Lotusfeet Petty Trossel

Arrangements of Bert van den Brink can be heard on:
Paul de Leeuw: Van U Wil Ik Zingen, Voor U Majesteit; Denise Jannah: A Heart Full Of Music, I Was Born In Love With You, Different Colours; Houdini's en Nieuw Sinfonietta Amsterdam: Porgy & Bess; Willem Nijholt zingt (met) Frans Ehlhart: Nooit Veloren; Cor Bakker en het Metropole Orkest: A Time For Love; Toon Hermans: Als de liefde

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