Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Van Der Putten, Bart

Van Der Putten, Bart, soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophone, clarinet, composer, arranger; b. Helmond, the Netherlands, 28 November 1957. He grew up in Hoboken, Belgium (from 1960 until 1969). He lived in Drunen until 1975 and left for Amsterdam. His mother is Annie Hanssen, born 1923 in Liessel (in the South of the Netherlands). His father is Albert van der putten, born 1928 in Geldrop (in the South of the Netherlands). His brother is Geert van der Putten, born 1959, Tilburg (in the South of the Netherlands).

He's played saxophone since 1979, clarinet since 1988. He took lessons from Sean Bergin (1979-80), Paul Termos (1980-82) and Paul Stocker (1984-86). He studied at workshops given by Sean Bergin and Arnold Dooyeweerd at CREA (Amsterdam). From 1980 at Arnold Dooyeweerd's workshop at the BIMhouse in Amsterdam. Also played in the big band workshop by Frank Grasso (at CREA). From 1984 a few years on the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam. Besides giving concerts, he also teaches saxophone, teaches incidentally at the Conservatory of Arnheim and is active as a workshop leader. Since 2000 member of the board of the BIM the Dutch union for jazz musicians, since May 2002 as president.

From 1981-1984, he played with free funk group ACE (finalist NOS-Jazz festival 1982). From 1983-now, he's played with party band De Commotie, playing the Oerol festival, radio, and many festivals. From 1982-198, he was with the Crea Big Band (later: Frank Grasso Big Band), playing with guests like Toots Thielemans, Hans Dulfer, Mathilde Santing and Johnny Meier. From 1984-1990, he was in Trio NU, with Wilbert de Joode (double bass) and Theo Bodewes (drums). Many gigs and also some radio work. From 1984-now, he's played with Splinks, Jaap Blonk's group. From 1987-1991, he played with the Ig Henneman Quintet. From 1987-1989, he played in Baba-Oemf, with Jaap Blonk. Toured Hungary, the Netherlands and Belgium. In 1989, he played a few concerts with the I.C.P.-orchestra (Misha Mengelberg and Han Bennink) (Moers, Germany).

From 1990-now, he's played with Bik Bent Braam, from Boy Edgar Price winner Michiel Braam. Played at the Jazz Marathon in Groningen (1998), The North Sea Jazz Festival in The Hague (1999). Also subject of a documentary for Dutch television. From 1990-now, he's played with Trio Blonk, Nijdam & Van der Putten, The Netherlands, Belgium and Hungary (1991). In 1996, he did a James Ensor project with Cor Fuhler (Cd: Blonk, Nijdam & Van der Putten). Nov. 1999: Bart van der Putten Quartet, Wilbert de Joode (double bass), Theo Bodewes (drums) and Wolter Wierbos (trombone).
September 2000: Delta Blues Duo with Wim Rietveld.

Ig Henneman Quintet: In Grassetto (1990); Bik Bent Braam: Howdy (1992); Splinks: Splinks (1993); Bik Bent Braam: Het XYZ der Bik Bent Braam (1996); Hugo Ball: Six Sound Poems (1998);  Splinks: Consensus (1999); Bik Bent Braam: Zwart Wit (1999), Alle Dertien Goed (2000)

Contact information:
Bart (A.J.H.) van der Putten
Amsteldijk 814
1079 LM Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Telephone: (31)20 646 26 17
E-mail: bartvdp@xs4all.nl
website: www.xs4all.nl\~bartvdp

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