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van Veenendaal, Albert (Albertus Johannes)

van Veenendaal, Albert (Albertus Johannes), piano; b. Utrecht, Holland, 24 July 1956. He grew up in Utrecht, moved to Amsterdam in 1986. His father is Adrianus van Veenendaal (b. Utrecht, Holland 3 November 1913) and his mother is Adriana Susanna Slinkers (b. Utrecht, Holland 5 August 1912).

Albert studied with Misha Mengelberg ('78-80), Niko Langenhuijzen (78-83), Willem van Manen (78-81) and Arnold Dooyeweerd (78-82) at Amsterdam Conservatory where he studied piano. In 1982 he won the Meervaart Jazz Competition with saxophone player Dick de Graaf. Ever since he worked with Dutch and international jazz, classical and world musicians (such as Corrie van Binsbergen, Cameron Brown, Arnold Dooyeweerd, Sylvie Courvoisier, Wiek Hijmans, Rob van den Broeck, Hans Hasebos and many others) in the Netherlands and Europe.

He has been the founder of his own trio and septet and played several solo piano recitals. He composed for and played in theatre productions and dance companies and he works as a composer/arranger/producer for various CD projects. In 1999 he toured with a Sinatra project, involving his trio Pavlov and two female singers. In 2001 he performed with his Four Piano Quartet.

Albert also works as a music teacher and twice a year he organizes the multidisciplinary festival The Evening of the Longest/Shortest Night. At the moment he is working at various new projects such as the Albert van Veenendaal Trio, a line up with bass and drums; the Travelling Light piano trio, three grand piano's with an international line up of Niko Langenhuysen and Jozef DuMoulin (Belgium); and Olthuis & Van Veenendaa, a duo with original compositions.

Marijke Nekeman: Lastig (1981); De Duo-Teleac (1981); Amstel Octet: Amstel Crossing (1983); Geen Deel (1986); Dick de Graaf Septet: November (1988);
Peggy Larson Band: Rood Haar (Red Hair) (1990); Sharp Wood: Splinters (1990); Corrie en de Brokken: Alles Beweegt (1990); Doris Baaten: Sneeuw (1991); Niks: At Hand (1991);
A Tribute to Nedley Elstak (1992); Anastasi: Cinemocean (1992); Alexandra van Marken: In Marmer and Steen (1992), Under the Moon (1995); Tetzepi Bigtet (1999);
Corrie van Binsbergen: Links (2000); On The Line: The Unexpexted (2001); Pavlov: Table Music (2001); Tetzepi: Shu (2001); Belinda Human Koning (2001)
Radio and television broadcasts:
VPRO radio, Television, NOS television, TELEAC radio, television, VARA radio/ television all in Holland between 78 and now
Ein Schloss fur Rita directed by Susanne Zanke.

Winners of Meervaart Jazz Competition (1982), Dutch Jazz Competition (2001)

Articles in Jazz Nu, Utrechts Nieuwsblad, Volkskrant

Contact information:
www.albertvan veenendaal.nl
email address: albert.v@planet.nl
phone 0031206830481

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