Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Vazquez, Santiago (Roman Santiago Vazquez Blinder)

Vazquez, Santiago [Roman Santiago Vazquez Blinder], Argentinean and Spanish percussionist, drummer, composer, conductor, producer, arranger and educator; b. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 7 December 1972. He's the single son of Eduardo Vazquez and Lucila Blinder.

Started his musical studies at the age of ten in Spain, where the family moved in 1976 chased by the military regime ruling Argentina at that time. His professional activities as a drummer and percussionist began four years later in Argentina. He's studied drums and percussion wih Horacio Lopez and Ruben Calegari (Argentina), Tony Moreno and Carlos Carli (Spain) and John Bergamo (USA). He's studied berimbao with Mestre Lorimbao (Brazil). He's studied Gnawa anf rythms from Morocco with Moule AlI (Morocco). He's studied tabla with Swapan Chaudhuri (USA). He's studied Balinese music with Nyoman Wenten (USA). He's studied Javanese music with Pak Joko Walujo (USA). He's studied harmony and composition with Gabriel Senanes, Carlos Libedinsky, Leo MaslIah and Santiago Santero (Argentina), Lucky Mosko, Daniel Rothman, Michael Fink and Nicholas England (USA). He's studied orchestration with Alan Chaplin (USA). He's studied conducting with Paul Vorwerk (USA). H's studied piano with Diego Vila, Fabiana Galante, Abel Patrone (Argentina) and Brian Pezzone (USA). He's studied guitar with  Gabriel Kirschenbaum.. He's studied mbira with Forward Kwenda and Erika Azim.

Plays drums, percussion, mbira, bendirs, tablas, berimbao, guitar, piano, bass, voice and invented instruments and home stuff. His training with many of those instruments took place in their countries of origin. Santiago Vazquez has studied composition, arrangement and conduction with different teachers from Argentina, Spain and USA. The California Institute of Arts gave him a scholarship for the study of composition and 'world music'.

Vazquez has performed drums and percussion with Dino Saluzzi, Luis Salinas, Pedro Aznar, Juan Carlos 'Mono' Fontana, Nestor Marconi, Miroslav Tadic, Vitor Ramil, Roberto Goyeneche, Lito Vitale, Alejandro Lerner, Marcelo Moguilevsky, Alejandro Franov, Per Arne Glorvigen, Stole Storloken, Rodrigo DomInguez, Hernan Lugano, Armand Saval-Lecco, Juana Molina, Fernando Kabusacki, Martin Iannaccone among many jazz, pop, tango and experimental musicians. As a composer, he has created for the theater and cinema and made music in several countries.

He has founded the band Puente Celeste, that received the 1998 Jazz Revelation award by Argentinean newspaper Clarin. Vazquez also has founded and conducted the improvisation orchestra Colectivo EterofUnico, with a system of about 80 hand signs created by himself. He is founder and member of CDI, a cooperative for the distribution of new Argentinean music, with Fernando Kabusacki and Sami Abadi.

Vazquez has toured with different musicians in Europe and South America.  He has been on numerous radio shows.

Mono Fontana (Trio): Ciruelo (1998); Santiago Vazquez and Puente Celeste (1999); Ser Una Noche: Ser una Noche (1999); Vitor Ramil: Tambong (2000);
Colective EterofUnico: Medios De transporte (2001); Puente Celeste: Pasando El Mar (2002);
As sideperson:
Fernando Kabusacki: Houses 1, The Planet; MarIa Eva Albistur: Insomne; Guillermo Picolini: Venus; Alejandro Franov: Accesorion, Pexa; Ernesto Snajer: Vuelos;
Gabriel Stersztein: Estrella De Piedra; Sometidos Por Morgan: Jogging; Manuel Miranda: Asosciacion Libre; Alejandro Lerner: Volver A Empezar; Illia Kuryaky & The Valderramas: Ciaco;
Maximo Pera Renauld: Eclectico; Juliz Zenko: Julia De Buenos Aires; He has also recorded as a guest with Jairo, Oscar Cardozo Ocampo, Lito Vitale, Fito P'ez, Dino Saluzzi, among others.
Unissued recording:
A collection of 6 CDs containing a 10 hours piece improvised by Colectivo Eterofonico; Various albums as a solo artist in process at this time.

There are articles on his music on most Argentinean news papers and cultural magazines (Clarin, La Nacion, Pagina 12, La Maga, Buenos Aires Herald, Ambito Financiero, Rolling Stone, Melotron, La Contumancia, etc)

Contact information:
http://www.santiagovazquez.com (audio, interviews, videos, etc)

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