Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Vick, Michael (Lloyd)

Vick, Michael (Lloyd), guitarist, bassist, educator, puppetter, multi-media graphics; b. Fairfax, VA, 24 November 1972. At 2 years of age his family moved to Charleston, SC. This is where Michael's parents Mary (born Mary Georgia Ford 1942) & Lloyd Vick (b. 1938) raised him & his brother David (b.1968).

Michael had the desire to play music from an early age and frequently played on friends' guitars. It wasn't until age 11 that he started taking formal piano/music lessons. At age 13, as promised by his parents; he was given his first electric guitar & amplifier. Michael was exposed to many types of music at an early age including jazz, classical, & rock. By the time Michael was 15, he was formally studying classical guitar / lute & music theory at the College Of Charleston with Michael Poulous and by 1987 he was asked by guitarist Christopher Berg to take Master Classes with him at USC in Columbia, SC. Michael later received full music scholarships to both schools and chose to go to the College Of Charleston. Around this same time (1986), Michael began playing original music in bars with various groups. Michael has also took Master Classes on Guitar Technique with Fredric Hand in 1988.

Michael has taught music in Montessori Schools since 2000, & he has donated puppet & music making time to Charleston Tri County Schools as part of drug & alcohol free events held by the city. He won the Millennium Music Award in 2001. He established the Atonal-Hole Guitar / Bass / Percussion Series which features players from around the world. He also made an instructional DVD in 2003

The 2 main musical ensembles M.V. has formed are The Michael Vick Trip & Wit's End, and he has performed with The Charleston Symphony Orchestra, The Pat Curtis Jazz Trio (Bruce Hornsby's Music Teacher), The Charleston Stage Company, WayangCardboard.com, The C Of C Guitar Quartet, and with Classical/Jazz musician Fredric Hand in Master Classes at age 16.

Michael recently performed at the Piccolo Spoleto Arts Festival, the National Slide Guitar Festival, the Arts Festival Of Atlanta, the "Boogie" Re-Union Festival (again), the Lowcountry Blues Bash, & Hotlantas Acid Jazz Competition.

"For Thou Art The Golden-Roman...Go Away!!!" (1992-94); Dedicated To The Sound-Spirit/The Itch (1995-96); Because It Takes A Sharp to Make A Flat & Back Again (1997);
InterNeckin; at The Airport-Forest (1998); Floating On A Time-Scale Inbetween (1999); A-Teacher's Work Is Never Done (2000); Dynamic-Intentions (with Marginal-Sleep) (2001);
Atonal-Sampler of The M.V.T. & W.E (2001); Solo Classical/Jazz Guitarist/Bassist (2002); Soft-Side-Hard Live with The Intergalactic Cowboy & Drums (2002);
Hectic-Eclectic: Guitar Masterworks Vol.1 (2002); Free-Master-Bass-tion: Bass Masterworks Vol.1 (2003); Inciting Freedom With Sampled Loops Of Love (2003); Smell La Mitten (2004);
UnFret My Heart (2004)
http://www.guitar9.com/  Interview with Michael ATONAL Vick

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