Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Vilchez, Felix (Jose)

Vilchez, Felix (Jose), composer, arranger, pianist, bassist; b. Lima, Peru, 15 October 1958. His father Felix Vilchez Sr. (27 April 1931) is also a musician, guitar - banjo player and Director of Rimac Stompers Dixieland Jazz band.

Felix (Jose) Vilchez studied contrabass in Conservatory of Lima and Industrial Enginering at The Catholic University of Peru, where he participated in the University Chamber Orchestra. He stays in Lima and works as a pianist for many international artists who visited Lima for concerts. Piano player of many Big Band Orchestras in Lima, one of the most well-known being The Nil`s Jazz Ensemble with Nilo Espinosa, a enthusiastic promoter of jazz in Lima in the 70s. He was producer and arranger for many female singers who wanted to color the Peruvians traditional songs with modern and jazzy harmonies and treatment.

Felix Vilchez was producer, conductor, arranger, rhythmic concepter, pianist and bass player for the Peruvian singer Susana Baca, from 1986 until 1992. In 1986 he founded "Mestizo," featuring jazz and Peruvian grooves. After a lot of concerts in Lima and many other cities of Peru and Chile. In Lima between 1992 and 1998 Felix Vilchez produced many jazz concerts and produced the International Festival "Noches Frescas de Jazz" to which were invited many jazzman from USA, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombie, Cameroon, etc. The American Embassy in Peru has always asked Felix Vilchez for counseling and collaboration for the International concerts (Terry Lyn Carrington, Don Pullen, Herbie Hancock, the Thelonious Monk Orchestra etc).

In 1998 Felix Vilchez moved to Tahiti - French Polynesia, the country of Merina Lucas, his wife. They are married since 1993 and have two kids, both of them born Peru: Terahiti (1993) and Kiara (1995).
In Tahiti Felix Vilchez founded with the saxophonist Armando Castagnoli (Italian - Tahitien) the " Maoti Jazz Band" (South Pacific Songs with the jazz sound of the forties).

Since 1998 Vilchez operates in his recording studio and with his company to promote jazz and others: La Ballena Productions Editorial and Events. Lately Felix Vilchez has produced his first jazz concerts in the beautiful islands Tahiti, Bora Bora and others featuring musicians such as Latin Jazz piano player, Hector Martignon (Ray Barreto's producer arranger and conductor) (Feb 2002), Otmaro Ruiz, latin jazz pianist, composer, (June 2002), Aaron Serfaty Jazz, Latin jazz drummer (June 2002) and Kleber George, Brazilian jazz guitar and singer (November 2002).

At the moment, March 2003, Felix Vilchez is working with Vince Wilburn for the next Armando Castagnoli's release, and with Otmaro Ruiz for "Mestizo."

Mestizo (1986); Nuevos Aires (1993); Maoti Jazz Band: Te Moe Nei (2000), Moana Nui (2002)
As sideperson:
Susana Baca: Lamento Negro (1986), Vestida de Vida (1991), Fuego y Agua (1992);
In 2002 Felix Vilchez was awarded with the Grammy Latino to the best album ("Lamento Negro") in the Category Folk, singer: Susana Baca.

Contact information:
La Ballena Productions
Tel/fax (689) 58 42 58
BP 52285 Pirae -
Tahiti - Polyn=E9sie Fran=E7aise
email: ballena@mail.pf

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