Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Vinding, Nils (Nils Vinding Kamper)

Vinding, Nils [Nils Vinding Kamper], drums; b. Copenhagen, 29 June 1968. His parents are Ulla & Erik Vinding born 1929 in Copenhagen. None of the family plays music.

He studied at the Musicians Institute of Technology, Los Angeles,Vocational Honors, 1989. He had his high school graduation at Frederiksberg VUC, 1992 (self study). He had private lessons with Alex Riel, Bent Lylloff, Klavs Menzer, Peter Erskine, Adam Nussbaum, Hans Fagt, Jan Lysdal and others. He played in a trio with John Tcichai and Peter Danstrup 1990-91. He's played in a quartet, Window Four, with Maj-Britt Kramer, Ole Skipper, Klavs Hovman since 1991 and recorded a CD with them in 1993. He played in a quartet with Thomas Clausen, Jens Jefsen and Kurt Larsen since 1998 and recorded CDs with them in 2000 and 2002. He's played in a trio with Arild Andersen and Thomas Clausen since 2003. He's done compositions for eksperimental composers forum 'SKRAEP'. He's done several compositions and recordings for the theater Dr Dante. Member of Frederiksberg county's musikal board.

He's married to Ida Engholm (1965) and father to Anna (1993) and Agnes (1999).

Musicscore' til Design from Scandinavia CD-ROM (1996), Compositioner to John Abercrombie & Acoustic Guitars in relation to Copenhagen cultural city OE96 '12 Jaz, Visits', Jingle for Heineken (radiospot for southern europe), 1992; Music for radio program about 3 french female authors, 2001; Music for radio program about a museum in Paris, 2002;
Music for a television program about a mssionairy in Zalzibar, 2003; All the music for the classical cello player Halina Wigocka's first solo release 2003.
As sideman: Jazz: Jorgen Kaufmann trio with Mads Vinding, Perry Stenback; quartet with Thomas Fog & Bjarne Roupe; Poul Reimann trio with Mads Vinding; Div. ensembles with a.m.o.Thomas Claussen, Ben Besiakov, Thomas Franck, Erling Kroner, Hans Ulrik, Bjarne Roupe, Acoustic Guitars & John Abercrombie, Arild Andersen.
Salsa: Drummer in several salsa inspired bands including; "Salsa meets Jazz", "Latin American Short Stories", "Groupo Chango" and "Maravilla & The Ice Cream Vendors"
Brazil: Regular backing with Mads Vinding for the brasilian pianist, Marcos Resende, 1995-98 (CD BMG1998 "About Jobim"). Vanja Santos & Yes Brazil;
Eudinho Soares Kvartet with Mads Vinding & Naja Storebjerg; Ensembler with Jorge Degas, Celso Mendes & Maj-Britt Kramer.
Afro: Willie Mbuende Group, Tchando (CD  98).
Rock etc.: Margrete Bjorklund (CD 1996), Leroy Collins (1989-1995), Martin Gray (Glasgow), Yul Anderson w/Moussa Diallo & Curtis Knight (1995-1997)CD 1996, One w/ Naja Scheel, ThomsenJorgen Kaufmann, Simon Harder and Thomas Fog. Houseband host with Bjarne Roupe, Bobo Moreno,  Bo Stief,  Soren Reiff a.o.

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