Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Vlatkovitch, Michael (Pierre)

Vlatkovitch, Michael (Pierre), trombonist, composer; b. St. Louis, MO, 4 May 1951.

Vlatkovich began studying music with the school band in the third grade. He distinguished himself in high school and was awarded a music scholarship to attend the St. Louis Institute of Music. Prior to his education at the Institute, Michael took part in an intensive six week workshop with internationally acclaimed saxophonist Oliver Nelson and guest soloists, Thad Jones, Mel Lewis, Roland Hanna, Ron Carter, and Phil Woods. Among his fellow students were Hamiett Bluett, Joe Bowie, Julius Hemphill, and Oliver Lake.

In 1981, the composer formed Thankyou Records. Most recently the trombonist has been performing with his own ensembles, and co-leading Transvalue with poet Charles Britt. Vlatkovich is also a regular member with the Vinny Golia Large Ensemble and Rob Blakeslee Quartet. In addition to leading his own diverse, imaginative ensembles, he has performed with the Rob Blakeslee Quartet, Bobby Bradford Motet, Vinny Golia Quintet & Large Ensemble, Rich Halley, Bryan Adams, Gerry Hemingway, Jeff Kaiser, Peggy Lee, Looney Booms, Johnny Mandel, Bill Mays, Billy Mintz, David Mott, Oingo Boingo, John Rapson, Bobby Rodriguez, Brian Setzer Orchestra, Rory Stuart, Jack Walrath, Tom Walsh and many others.

No Zee Two Es; Parlor Games; Torontolive; Why Don't You See Me?; Collective Thought; 9113; The One That Never Stayed; Michael Pierre Vlatkovich
As sideperson:
Transvalue (Chuck Britt): Transvalue Book 1, Transvalue Book 2; The Vinny Golia Large Ensemble: Portland 1996, Tutto Contare, Commemmoration, Decennium Dans Axlan,
Pilgrimage To Obscurity, Facts Of Their Own Lives, Compositions For Large Ensemble; The Vinny Golia Quintet: Razor, Out For Blood; Rich Halley: Live At Beanbenders;
Jeff Kaiser: Music For Double Quartet; Mark Weber: Obligatos For Terpsichorean Dipsomaniacs; Rob Blakeslee: Last Minute Gifts
Films and broadcasts:
Performed on sound tracks for a variety of television and film projects including The Mask, Jingle All The Way, and the John Cassavette's film the Tempest.

Contact information:

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