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Walkup, Cathi (B.) (nee Smith)

Walkup, Cathi (B.) (nee Smith), vocalist, lyricist, composer, b. St. Louis, MO, 13 February 1948. Her parents are W. and Yvonne E. Smith of St. Louis Mo. Her sisters are Brenda Van Donge & Lisa Smith. Her brothers are John W. Smith, Jr., Steve Smith and Joe Smith. Cathi studied music and drama.  Moved to San Francisco, CA 1976, and worked in a Brecht and Weil production in North Beach for nine months. Studied theory with Jim Grantham and voice with Hugh MacClure, Mark Murphey and Jane Sharp. Studied piano with David Udolf and Sharman Duran.  Her compositions and lyrics have been performed and recorded by artists on both coasts.  Her albums have been featured as noontime concerts on KCSM in their entirety, and won the listener's poll on Canada's Skyjazz radio numerous times. She married F. James Eckford, 1991.

Live at the Plush Room (1992); Night Owl (1996); Living in a Daydream (1999); Quint-Essential (2000); ...And a Songbird In a Pear Tree (2001); Saturdays @ Central (2001); Playing Favorites (2002).

jazz perspectives, contra costa times
jazz now magazine; jazz improv (vol 2, #3, page 135) & vol. 3, #3, page133)

Contact information:

website: www.cwalkup.com ; email: cathi@cwalkup.com; label:
Flying Weasel Enterprises: USA (510) 534-6163

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