Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Wang, Jane (Hsiaoching)

Wang, Jane (Hsiaoching), composer, doublebass, piano, organ, cello, toys/percussion; b. Oxford, England, 24 August 1957. Her family moved to US in early 1960's. She grew up primarily in Boston, MA and New York City. Her father is Prof. Hao Wang (died May 13, 1995), her mother is Yenking Wang and her two older brothers are Dr. San You Wang (doctor/research scientist), and Dr. Yi-Ming Wang (astrophysicist).  Jane started taking classical piano lessons at the Longy School of Music at the age of 7 and continued studying privately until she went to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor to study Architecture; she graduated in 1979 with a BS in Computer and Communication Sciences.  She was a software engineer for 9 years and a boom operator (IATSE Local 481) in the film industry for 4 years.  At the age of 31, she took up the doublebass; her first teacher was Dave Zox at the Longy School of Music.

She has since become a full-time musician/composer and has performed and/or recorded with Judit Balvanyos, Gifrants, F. Vattel Cherry's bassrespanse, Sabir Mateen, Butch Morris' Conductions, Carolyn Castellano, Tony Owens, Raqib Hassan, Allan Chase, Kenta Nagai, Roger Miller, Grant Smith, Tatsuya Nakatani, Serie 23, Nikola Radan, Veronica Robles, Amarcord, Cast of Characters, Oscar Noriega, Satoko Fujii, Natsuki Tamara, Chieko Hayashi, James Coleman, Angela Mia Bachemin, Mark Chenevert, Naoko Ono, Ravish Momin, Raphe Malik, Andrew D'Angelo, Stan Strickland,  the NY Big Band Clinic, the Takumi Seino Group, Taylor Ho Bynum, Danilo Perez, George Garzone, Tom Hall, Daniel Carter, Charlie Kohlhase, Hakim Law, Mark Harvey's Aadvark Orchestra.

She is the organist/music director for The Union Congregational Church in Amesbury, MA. Jane composed and performed several solo bass pieces for the artist Hanne Tierney which were presented at the Wanas Exhibition in Sweden, the International Festival of Puppet Theatre, BAM Next Wave Festival, the Sculpture Center and five myles in New York City, the Beograd International Theatre Festival in Yugoslavia, and Ms. Tierney's Obie-award winning Salome (with Sabir Mateen) and in Fall 2001 How Wang-Fo Was Saved at five myles and the International Festival of Puppet Theatre.

She also created music for Renita Martin's one woman show Five Bottles In a Six Pack and the new music group Human Connection including For Mike and Me featuring bassist Mike Bullock. Jane often works with movement artists and presented the multimedia Moving Sound for the 2001 Boston Asian American Jazz Festival, 2002 Autumn Uprising and thru a Artslink 2002 grant, the Ludwig Museum and Mu Theater in Budapest, Hungary in collaboration with the Balvanyos Ensemble (Judit Balvanyo and Zsolt Varga).  Current members of Moving Sound are multipercussionist Grant Smith and movement artist Liz Roncka (Jo Tanc).  She studied with Cecil McBee, Michael Willens, Joe Maneri and Bob Gullotti.

Gifrants: Serenade (1996), The Lydian People: Front's Laundry for the Nineties (1996); Ryo Hashizume: And Then You Heard Tales (1997), In A Stranger's Hand (1998); Who She Be Live on WGBH: Eric In the Evening (1999); Molly Flannery: Slow Dance At The Asylum (1999); Takeshi Asai: Somewhere In The Universe (1999); Osamu Moriyama: Invisible (2000); James Falzone: The Already and The Not Yet (2000); Vattel Cherry: bassrespanse (2001); Binary System: Invention Box (2001);Gifrants: Twoubadou Sek (2001); Sabir Mateen: Secrets of When (2001);The AADVARK Jazz Orchestra: Bethlehem Counterpoint (2002);Solaris: Legend of the sea (2003); F. Vattel Cherry: More Than A Dream (2004),

Contact information:
Jane Wang's email: suziew96@aol.com,
Hao Records' website address:  www.haorecords.com

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