Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Weaver, Mark

Weaver, Mark, tuba; b. Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1958. Mark is a member of the following ensembles: Brassum  (Mark Weaver - leader/tuba, Michael Vlatkovich - trombone, Dan Clucas - cornet, Harris Eisenstadt - drums/percussion), Bing  (Chris Jonas - saxophones/co-leader, Molly Sturges - vocals/accordion/co-leader, Mark Weaver - tuba/trombone, Tim Gagan - guitar, Nina Hart - bass guitar, Dave Wayne - drums), and MAD Trio  (Alan Lechusza - woodwinds, Mark Weaver - tuba, Dave Wayne - drums).
Mark has performed in groups led by trumpet player/composer Rob Blakeslee, trombonist/composer Michael Vlatkovich, cornetist/conduction artist Butch Morris, multi-instrumentalist/composer J.A. Deane, saxophonist/composer Chris Jonas, trumpeter/composer Jeff Kaiser, bassist/composer David Parlato, composer/arranger Jack Manno, percussionist/composer Harris Eisenstadt, and pianist/composer Christopher Adler.

Other notable artists with whom Mark has performed include: Roswell Rudd, Vinny Golia, Tom Guralnick, Biggi Vinkeloe, Mark Weber, Steven Feld, Dan Clucas, Stefan Dill, Damon Smith, Anthony Braxton, and Malcolm Goldstein.

Protuberance: Treated and Released (1999); AMH trio: Live at Field & Frame (2000);
Radius: Witch of Agnesi (2001); B.Vinkeloe/M.Weaver/D.Smith: Desert Sweets (2002); Brassum: Warning Lights (2003)

As sideperson:
The Bubbadinos: Ready As We'll Ever Be (1997);
Mark Weber: Brother Can You Spare a Dime I Need a Christmas Tree (1997), O Shenandoah Be Not Telling Me This (1997), Beautemous Everlasting (1998); The Bubbadinos: We're Really Making Music Now (1998); J.A. Deane: Out of Context (1999); Bonefied: Trombone Revenge (1999); Mark Weber: Boundless Coalescence (1999), Precarious (1999); The Bubbadinos: The Band Only a Mother Could Love (1999);  J.A. Deane's Out of Context: neverneverland (2000); The Bubbadinos: Yup We're Beating a Dead Horse (2000); Various artists: Allburzerxque (vol.1) (2000), ALBUzerxQUE vol.2 (2000), ALBUZERXQUE vol.3 (2000), ALBUZERXQUE vol.4 (2001), ALBUzerxQUE vol.5 (2001), ALBUzerxQUE vol.6 (2001), ALBUzerxQUE vol.7 (2001), ALBUZERXQUE vol.8 (2001); Selsun Blue: Wash Don't Rinse (2001); Mark Weber: Turtle Night (2001); Harris Eisenstadt's Fight or Flight (2002);  Jeff Kaiser: 17 Themes for Ockodektet (2002); Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet: 13 Themes for a Triskaidekaphobic" (2003); Cosmic ReBop Society: Cosmic ReBop Society (2003)

Radio and television broadcasts:
Live radio performance 07-29-96 on KUNM-FM Albuquerque, Mark Weaver + Paul Pulaski duets
Live radio broadcast of concert 07-17-94 on KUNM-FM Albuquerque, Mark Weaver + Paul Pulaski duets
Live television performance with Zimbabwe Nkenya & Jazz Culture on KOAT-TV Albuquerque, 10-22-89
Mark Weaver was the featured artist on DeConcertZender radio program in the Netherlands, produced by Remco Takken, March 4, 2003
Mark Weaver was the featured artist on "All That Jazz" radio program at KUNM-FM Albuquerque, NM on May 13, 2004 hosted by Mark Weber
MAD Trio was featured on "Factory Jazz" radio program on KUNM-FM in Albuquerque, in September 2002, produced/hosted by Stephen Schmidt.
MAD Quartet was featured on "Live Without Boundaries" radio program on KSFR-FM in Santa Fe, in April 2004, produced/hosted by Stephen Schmidt.
Radius was featured on "Factory Jazz" radio program on KUNM-FM in Albuquerque, in December 2001, produced/hosted by Stephen Schmidt.

Profiled on www.balancepointacoustics.com

Contact information:
Phone   505-255-8046,  fax 505-255-4834
Mailing address   1245 Princeton Dr NE, Albuquerque, NM   87106
email    MW@toast.net,  mw@plutoniumrecords.net

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