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Weckert, Sandra

Weckert, Sandra, alto and soprano sax, composer; b. Waren, (Muritz), Germany, 2 April 1973. Her parents are Dr. Heinz (born on the 27th of February 1936) and Dr. Helga Weckert (born on the 30th of April 1937). She studied violin, piano and guitar at local music school, started playing alto sax when 19 years old. Although she applied 4 times at Berlin Mucic Conservatories she didn't get the chance to study saxes or jazz.  She had private studies with Georg Pfister, Gregoire Peters, Felix Wahnschaffe, Antonio Palesano, and Oli Bott. Three times, she won the "Bundesweites Jazznachwuchsfestival" in Leipzig 1997, 1999 and 2002.

She's been married since 1998 to Al Weckert, music journalist in Germany. She has one child, Naima Phoolan Weckert, born on the 23rd of April 1999.

 Be Careful! These phrases are out (1998); Way out East (2001); 50 Sandra Weckert Fans can't be wrong (2002); Sandra Weckert Bar Jazz (2003)

Jazzpodium, Germany, Dezember 2002: Mindestens 50 Fans konnen nicht irren, Die Berliner Saxophonistin Sandra Weckert; Jazzthetik, Germany, Oktober 2002: Mit Kittel und Forke Sandra Weckert Jazzthing, September 2002: Rote Tucher, Blaue Schurzen,  Sandra Weckert Jazzzeitung, Germany, September 2002: Frech siegt, One Sandra Weckert Fan might be wrong

Contact information:
Defreggerstr. 22, 12435 Berlin
Tel. 0049+30 - 53212111,
Fax: 0049+30 53213111
mailto: hallo@sandraweckert.de

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