Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Weinstein, Jimmy (James Benjamin)

Weinstein, Jimmy (James Benjamin), drummer, composer; b. Chicago, IL, 10 January 1960. He grew up in Southern California and Mallorca, Spain.  His musical education began with piano lessons at age 12 but by age 13 he started playing the drums.  His early musical influences came from the household record collection of classical , Be-Bop and folk music.  As a high school student he performed in rock and roll bands and school musical productions. In 1979 he went to England to pursue a career as a yacht designer, which eventually landed him a job in New York City where he really began his study of improvisation, working as a designer by day and studying at the Drummer's Collective and Barry Harris' Jazz Cultural Theater by night.  He also studied and jammed with bop saxophonist Clarence "C" Sharpe during that time.  In 1986 Jimmy moved to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music, where he studied privately with Joe Hunt and world-renowned drum pedagogue, Alan Dawson.  Jimmy also studied percussion ensemble with Max Roach at The University of Massachusetts in 1991 and 1992.  Since 1992 he has been leading his own bands and touring extensively in Europe, Japan and the U.S. 

Presently making his base in New York City, Jimmy continues to tour, perform and record with a number of different musical configurations.  These would include the melodic free improv quartet, NAM; The avant punk band, Dahlia and the Lamas; Collaborations with Matt Renzi and Masa Kamaguchi; Ben Monder, Frank Carlberg and Chris Cheek. Jimmy also led the experimental trio RED that featured New York reedman Oscar Noriega and Chicago based omni-dimensional guitarist Jeff Parker of Tortoise fame.

As an on going relationship with the Barcelona based record label Fresh Sound/New Talent, Jimmy has worked in the role of producer/A&R consultant.  Producing albums for pianist Roberta Piket and rap star DeAngelo's tenor saxophonist Jacques Shwarz-Bart in addition to his own undertakings, most notably with saxophonist Matt Renzi and bassist Masa Kamaguchi.  

Nostalgia (1994); Sound Emotion (1998); Matt Renzi/Jimmy Weinstein: Quartet (1998); Matt Renzi/Jimmy Weinstein/Masa Kamaguchi: Lines and Ballads (1999), Dream Life (2001);

As sideperson:
RED: Ad Hoc ism (1996); Jacques Schwarz-Bart: Immersion (1999);NAM: Actual Proof (1999), Live at the Up Over  (2001); Dahlia and the Llamas: Various Recordings (2000/2001)
Alex Harding w/ Chris Dahlgren: Free Flow (2001); Marco Tindiglia: Happy Jazz (2001)

Jimmy has also composed scores for the independent feature films, Cigarettes (1989),Under The Bridge (1997), Riding the Rails (1997) and Underscore and Themes (1998)

Contact information:
telephone/Fax: (718) 832-7208
Email: ljwein10@aol.com

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