Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Weinstein, Mark

Weinstein, Mark, flutist, trombonist; b. Brooklyn, NY, 1 July 1940. Mark began his professional career in the 1960ís playing trombone in the Latin bands of Eddie Palmieri, Orchestra Harlow and Charlie Palmieri among others. He recorded extensively including being featured with the Alegre All Stars. He wrote the first arrangements for the trumpet and trombone brass section that became the standard for salsa bands in the decades that followed.

He played for a number of years with Herbie Mann and played gigs with bands that included Maynard Ferguson, Lionel Hampton, Clark Terry, Joe Henderson, Duke Pearson. In 1967 he released Cuban Roots for the legendary producer Al Santiago. Cuban Roots, soon to be an underground classic, was the first recording to combine jazz soloing with Cuban folkloric drumming, pianist Chick Corea and saxophonists Arnie Lawrence were among the musicians featured on the album along with a percussion ensemble that included Julito Collazo and Tommy Lopez Sr.

Mark left the music business in the early 70ís and earned a PhD in Philosophy at the City University of New York. He continued writing arrangements and began playing flute in 1973, recording The Orisha Suites in 1977. He continued playing flute but concentrated on his academic career, returning to recording and performing after he received tenure at Montclair State University in the Department of Educational Foundations on 1995.

Mark performed locally in New Jersey and New York but his academic commitments required him to focus on recording as the major outlet for his musical aspirations. His first recording, Seasoning, released in 1996 included Vic Juris on guitar, Bryan Carrott on vibes and Cecil Brooks III on drums. He recorded Jazz World Trios in 1998, three separate trios introducing the range of his musical interests, Brazilian jazz with guitarist Romero Lubambo and percussionist Cyro Baptista; Afro Cuban jazz with guitarist Jean Paul Bourelly and percussionist Milton Cardona and post-bebop with Santi Debriano on bass and drummer Cindy Blackman. Cuban Roots Revisited with a large percussion ensemble and trombone choir was released in 2000 with pianist Omar Sosa, percussionist Francisco Aguabella, and his nephew Dan Weinstein on trombone and violin. He then recorded an album of Jewish Jazz with bassist Mike Richmond, guitarist Brad Shepik and drummer Jamie Haddad and a album of flute and guitar duets with guitarists Vic Juris, Paul Meyers and Ed Cherry. A recording of music from the Calendario de Som of Hermeto Pascual featured Richard Boukas on guitar and vocals and a recording of the music of Ukrainian compose Alexy Kharchenko, recorded in Kiev Ukraine followed.

Mark signed with Jazzheads records in 2004 and released three well received recordings. Algo Mas, another version of Cuban Roots, with Jean Paul Bourelly and Santi Debriano with a drum ensemble lead by Thelonious Monk Award winning percussionist Pedrito Martinez. O Nosso Amor with Romero Lubambo, bassist Nilson Matta, and percussionists Paulo Braga, Guilherme Franke and Jorge Silva and Con Alma with pianist Mark Levine, Santi Debriano, Pedrito Martinez and Mauricio Hererra followed in 2005 and 2006. Mark continues recording for Jazzheads with two albums scheduled for release in 2008, Straight, No Chaser with guitarist Dave Stryker, drummer Victor Lewis and Ed Howard on bass and Lua e Sol with Romero Lubambo, Nilson Matta and Cyro Baptista.

Contact information:
Mark Weinstein's web page
Mark Weinstein's MySpace page
Email: mark@jazzfluteweinstein.com