Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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White, Rodric (John)

White, Rodric (John), pianist, composer/arranger, vocalist; b. Sydney, NSW, Australia, 26 April 26, 1965. From 1972 to 1977, he lived with his parents and three sisters in Port Vila, New Hebrides (which became Vanuatu in 1980) returning to Sydney in 1977 to commence his schooling at St Ignatius College, Riverview (1977-1983). Lived in Cremorne, Chatswood and then French's Forest on the North Shore of Sydney with his father (Kevin James White, b. 1930 Melbourne), his mother (born Nerida Mary Nettheim, 1936, Sydney) and three sisters (Lesley, b. 1966; Karen, b. 1968; Jennifer, b. 1970).

Rodric studied classical guitar from the age of 11 to 19 (attaining a 6th Grade Certificate with Credit in 1982) studying with Angelo Polatos, Jan Carter, and with Ken Burns (Head of Classical Guitar Studies NSW Conservatorium) in the Summer Music Schools conducted by the Arts Council of NSW in 1980 and 1981. At St Ignatius College, Rodric was a leading member of the student guitar ensemble and choir. Rodric began teaching himself piano at the age of 13, commencing tuition in Jazz Piano at the age of 15 with South African Pianist, Hugh Stouffers. Between 1980 and '82, Rodric played piano in the Independent Schools Stage Band (featuring student musicians from Sydney's private schools). In 1980-83, he regularly attended the composers/arrangers workshop conducted by Don Burrows (Assoc. Dip. Jazz Studies) submitting ensemble arrangements for performance and appraisal. In January 1982 and 1983, Rod was a student at the Jazz Summer Clinics (NSW Conservatorium of Music), in workshops and ensembles with Hal Galper and Mike Nock and receiving private lessons from Jim McNeeley and David Baker. Rodric graduated from College with a major in 3 Unit Music Composition and Performance, receiving the College's Prize for Composition for his String Quartet ("The Call Of Spring") and his Piano/Flute Arrangement of the Maurice Ravel Composition, "Menuet on the name of Hayden".

Following his college graduation in 1984, Rodric studied privately with Sydney Pianists, Paul MacNamara and Kevin Hunt, and began performing professionally in Sydney in small Jazz Groups and as a solo pianist. In April, Rod was a student at the Pan Pacific Music Camp (Lane Cove) featuring James and John Morrison.

In 1985-86, Rodric majored in Arranging and Piano in the Associate Diploma of Jazz Studies Course (NSW Conservatorium of Music) studying Arranging with Don Burrows, George Golla and David Basden; Piano/Music Theory with Mike Nock, Paul MacNamara and Dave Levy; and Classical Piano with Gerard Wilhelms. During 1985-1986, Rodric studied intensively with pianist/jazz educator Bobby Gebert. Rodric has also studied classical piano with Rosemary Witcomb (Newcastle Conservatorium of Music 1998) and Peter Kerin (St Laurence Arts Centre 1984-86) and voice with Don Grayden (1991-1994) and American Soprano Trudee Peterson (1984-85).

Rodric's credits include performing with leading Australian Jazz musicians such as James Morrison, Don Burrows, Dale Barlow, Don Andrews, Bernie McGann, Guy Strazzullo, Steve Hunter, Phil Slater, Tim Hopkins and Jonathan Zwartz, and as an accompanist to Sydney vocalists, Janet Seidel, Monique Morrell, Nicky Crayson, Deborah Folleta, Louise Williams, Delilah, George Washingmachine and David McLeod. Rodric has performed as a solo artist, band leader or sideman at leading Music Venues and Hotels in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong and the Central Coast of New South Wales, and at Resorts in the Victorian Ski-fields, the Hunter Valley, Ayers Rock, Noumea and Bangkok. As a Solo Pianist, Rodric has been showcased at the Manly International Jazz Festival (1991-93, 1995, and 1997-99) supporting US Jazz Artists such as Vanessa Rubin, Junior Cook, Benny Green, Aaron Graves and George Coleman Junior and for the Central Coast Jazz Festival (1993, 1994 and 1996) supporting the James Morrison Big Band. In 1993, Rodric was awarded 2nd Prize for his composition "Distant Voices" in the NSW Jazz Action Society Composition Contest.

His Band, "Distant Voices" (with musicians from his album) was featured at the 1996 Manly International Jazz Festival, the 1998 Hamilton Jazz and Blues Festival and regularly at Cafe De Lane (Sydney). In 1996, Rodric competed in the Thelonious Monk Composition Contest for which he received a Special Letter of Commendation from the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz and the BMI International Jazz Composers Competition.

In 1999, Rodric was one of the ten national finalists in the Australian National Jazz Piano Competition (conducted as part of the Wangratta International Jazz Festival). Rodric's Trio and Quartet (featuring bassists Steve Hunter and Kevin Hailey, drummers Dave Goodman and Toby Hall, saxophonist, Julian Gough; Guitarist, Peter Zog) performed during 2000 - 2002 for the Sydney Improvised Music Association and the Jazz Groove Collective. Rodric's current trio features Canberra musicians, Kevin Hailey (Bass) and Steve Ley (Drums).

New Jazz Directions (1996)

As sideperson:
Dale Barlow: Playground (1997); Richard Manns: Language of the Spirit (1999); Kinderjazz: Tu-Baba-Luma (2001); Dorian Mode: Cafe In Venice (2001)
Unreleased Recordings ("Demo" discs):

Unissued recordings:
Rodric White Trio with Jane Lindsay (1986); Gai Bryant Band (1989); Leonie Smith and Fascinatin' Rhythm (1993); Monique Morrell Quintet (1993); Kitty and The Cats (1993); Met Andrew Quartet (1996); Rodric White: Jazz Standards (1998), Contemporary Repertoire (1998), Rodric White Trio(1999); Grant Metcalfe: Sphere (1998); Louise Williams Trio (1999); Emma Jones/Rodric White (2001)

Radio broadcasts:
"Jazz Mix" with Merv Longley (Central Coast Radio 50 plus) on 5 September 1998.
"Jazz with John Green" (Perth Radio 6RTR-FM 92.1) on 14 May 1998.
"Julian Lee's Jazz Hour". Interview with Noel Jones. RES-FM Sydney. 27 Feb 1998
"Straight Ahead" with Paula Langlands (2RES-FM Sydney) on 28 August 1997.

Contact information:

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