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Woelfle, Marcus (Adrian Eduard)

Woelfle, Marcus (Adrian Eduard), violinist, author; b. Munich, Germany, 1 February 1964 as sole child of a German father (Christopher Woelfle, 1934-1984) and Italian mother (born Anna Maria Ricci, 1935). Woelfle had classical violin lessons from 10-18, playing with school orchestra, but becoming attracted to jazz from about age 14. He started playing jazz and collecting jazz records in his teens, performing his first jazz gigs in the early eighties. From 1983 he studied Italian and German literature at the Ludwigs-Maximilians-University, Munich, but after becoming Master of Arts in 1991 he pursued a career in music, having been a member of the Munich jazz scene all the years and having started writing articles on music in 1986. Since that time he is also a dedicated music journalist and broadcaster. In 2000 he co-founded the Int. Musiktage Kloster Schlehdorf, maybe the first jazz and world music festival in a convent, whose artistic director he is.

Despite all these activities he has remained active as a violinist and violist. His first bands were influenced by the Quintet of the Hot Club of France. His Marcus Woelfle Quartet, founded in 1993, still is essentially a Gipsy Swing To Bop band. In the Nineties the violinist showed a tendency to work together with artists of other areas: painters, actors, poets. The still existing duet with popular German satirist Joseph von Westphalen (since 1994) was the most successful of this kind. His current work shows a wide-ranging stylistic range. To name but a few bands, he has just founded a Chinese jazz quartet with Erhu player Xizhie Nie, plays free improvisation on solo performances, straight ahead jazz with "Der abentheuerliche Violinissimus" (founded in 2000 and dedicated to his compositions), baroque to folkloristic swing with harpsichordist Christian Ludwig Mayer (since 2002) and playful chamber music with Italian accordion Virtuoso Gianni Coscia (since 2002).

In 2001 he married Lisa Reischl (now Woelfle) who in that year gave birth to their son Raphael.

Recordings, broadcasts:
 The Fake Four (1988); Marcus Woelfle Quartet (1995); Joseph von Westphalen: Mein Kosmos (1995); Dorothee Kreusch - Jacob / Hans Clarin: Glockchen, Trommel, Zaubergeige (1996); About 20 unissued tapes, CDs and videotapes of performances from ca. 1985 on, with Gianni Coscia, Embryo with Larry Porter, Joseph von Westphlen; Live radio (Lora Munchen, Radio Feierwerk) and TV performances (SDR); Hundreds of broadcasts since 1991 (Jazz Welle Plus, Lora Munchen, R)

Works by Woelfle:
Marcus Woelfle: Das kleine Jazzlexikon (Compact Verlag, 1995)
Gunna Wendt (ed.): Die Jazz-Frauen (includes "Sarah Vaughan" by Woelfle, Luchterhand, 1992)
Werner Kraus (ed.): Jazz in Bayern (includes 10 articles by Woelfle, Con Brio, 1997)
Werner Kraus (ed.): Jazz In Bayern 2 (includes 3 artciles by Woelfle, Con Brio, 2000)
Hans-Jurgen Schaal (ed.): Jazz Standards (includes 51 articles by Woelfle, Barenreiter Verlag, 2001)
"Birthday Celebration Series" (Zyx music), boxed sets compiled by Woelfle, include detailed liner notes on John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, Thelonious Monk, Milt Jackson, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Dave Brubeck and other artists.
Numerous other publications including liner notes, program notes, large articles (interviews, profiles, essays) and shorter CD / DVD / concert / book reviews from 1986 onward in Neue Musikzeitung, Rondo, Applaus, Jazzzeitung, Jazz Podium, Jazzthetik, Jazzthing, Muse, Hifi Vision, Stereo in newspapers and elsewhere.

Works About Woelfle or Citing Him Extensively (omitting all newspaper articles and all reviews of works by Woelfle):
"Marcus Woelfle" by Matyas Kiss, in Werner Kraus (ed.): Jazz In Bayern Vol. 2 (Con Brio, 2000)
"In der Musik zu Hause. Die zahlreichen Leben des Munchner Jazzgeigers Marcus Woelfle" by Matyas Kiss (Jazzzeitung, October 2002)

Jazzzeitung.de (obituaries, profiles, interviews); rondomagazin.de (reviews), applaus-kultur.de (interviews), nmz.de (reviews);
Websites that include interviews / profiles of Woelfle:

Contact information:

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