Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Woideck, Carl (Eric)

Woideck, Carl (Eric), tenor and soprano sax, educator, author; b. Cleveland, OH, 23 November 1947. Since 1968, he's played as an invited guest with Bonnie Raitt, Jerry
Garcia, Robert Jr. Lockwood, and Jorma Kaukonen (Jefferson Airplane). He has played professionally in Oregon since 1975.  He's played professionally with Joe Sample, Meredith D'Ambrosio, and Nancy King. In 1981, he got his Bachelor of Music (Composition), University of Oregon. In 1989, he got his Master of Science (Interdisciplinary:  Music, Education and Ethnic Studies), University of Oregon. He has taught at Lane Community College (years?) and at the U of Oregon both in Eurgene, OR.

(He does NOT play on a Black Saint/Soul Note release of Anthony Braxton orchestral music that was recorded in Eugene around 1987.  He's listed in the notes, but had to get a sub for that gig.)

Charlie Parker: His Music and Life (University of Michigan Press, 1996; paperback edition with corrections, 1998)
The John Coltrane Companion (Schirmer Books, 1998)
The Charlie Parker Companion (Schirmer Books, 1998)
Liner notes:
Blue Note, Verve, Mosaic and Prestige

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