Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Wojtasik, Piotr (Wojciech)

Wojtasik, Piotr (Wojciech), trumpet; b. Wroclaw, Poland, b. 10 June 1964. His father is Edward Wojtasik, (1940) and his mother is Halina Wojtasik (1945). I started playing professionally during my music studies at the Katowice Academy of Music, faculty of Jazz (1983-1987). Led by Wojciech Niedziela, "New Presentation", was the first regular group that I recorded with, and that I played with at festivals in Poland (Jazz Jamboree 1988), and Europe (Bratislava, Budapest, Hamburg, Moscow), many of which were recorded by radio stations.

Paralelly, I collaborated with "Young Power." The group appeared at such festivals as "Jazz and Blues" in Stockholm, and the "Molde Jazz festival" in Norway. The beginning of 90`s is a period of time during which I frequently worked with two groups  "Quintessence", and a quintet led by Krzysztof Popek, who started "Power Bros", an important Polish jazz label, for which I record today. Only two musicians were a constant part of groups led by K. Popek in the years 1992-95, himself, alto flute, and me, flugelhorn. The group featured American , German and polish musicians (Derl Taylor, Paul Imm, Volker Greve , Marcin Jahr, Cezary Konrad).

One of the most important events in which I had the opportunity to participate was a session organized by European Broadcasting Union - a big band organized in Amsterdam by Jerry van Rooijen , in 1994.

In 1997 I formed my own quintet which featured Maciej Sikala - ts., Slawomir Kurkiewicz-b., Krzysztof Dziedzic-dr., and the Polish tenor player Tomasz Szukalski. The group existed until 2001 and performed at most major jazz clubs in Europe ("Quassimodo" - Berlin, "Porgy and Bess" - Vienna , Kiev , Paris , and most Polish jazz festivals , Jazz nad Odra, Jazz Jamboree, Warsaw Summer Jazz Days).

Recent musical events include regular collaboration with the Piotr Baron Quintet. Apart from the musicians mentioned hereabove , I recorded or toured with D. Friedman, Ed Shuller, Harwie Schwartz, Carter Jefferson , Gary Bartz , Louis Hayes, David Friesen, Mark Soskin, John Gross.  Additionally I collaborate with Zbigniew Priesner a Polish Film Music Composer. Since 1990,I work at the Katowice Academy of Music , Faculty of Jazz , as a full time educator.

His wife is Alexandra and his son is Milos.

Piotr Wojtasik (1990); Lonely Town (1994); Quest (1996); Escape (2000); Hope (2003)

As sideperson:
Young Power: Young Power (1986), Man of Tra;  Wojtek Niedziela -New Presentation: You`ve Changed (1992); Krzysztof Popek Quintet: Places (1992); Jan Ptaszyn Wroblewski: Made in Poland (1993); Jarek Smietana: Ballads (1993); Eryk Kulm - Quintessence: Infinity (1993); Christof Griese: New Way Out (1994); Traveling Birds Quintet (1994); Leszek Kulakowski: Black & Blue (1994); Henryk Miskiewicz: Remembrances (1995); Traveling Birds Quintet - return to the Nest: (1995); Eryk Kulm - Quintessence: Live (1995);Krzysztof Herdzin: Chopin (1995); Anna Maria Jopek: Szeptem (1995); Leslaw Mozdzer: Talk to Jesus (1996); Krzysztof Popek Quintet: Letters and Leaves (1996); Leszek Kulakowski: Interwaly (1996); Leszek Dranicki: Duet: (1996); Zbigniew Namyslowski: 3 Nights (1998); Ewa Uryga: Ballads for Ella: (1998); Eryk Kulm: Dolphy`s Coming (1998); Henryk Miskiewicz: Ja nie Chce Spac (1999); Anna Serafinska: Melodies: (1999); Karolina Styla: My Favorite Songs (1999); Stanislaw Radwan: Herbert-Przeslanie (1999); Jacek Kochan: Monorain (2001); Andrzej Cudzich-Amen Band: Coraz Blizej (2002); Jacek Kochan: Another Blowfish (2002); Piotr Baron: Bogurodzica (2002)

Contact information:
tel.: (00 48) 32  24 11 433
mobile.: (00 48) 506 820 299
e-mail : wojtasiktp@poczta.onet.pl

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