Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Wyatt, Bob (Robert David)

Wyatt, Bob (Robert David), drummer, educator; b. Baltimore, MD, 15 September 1946.
Bob grew up in Dundalk, suburb of Baltimore, with his mother (born Jessie Anderson, 1922) and father (Robert Fleet Wyatt, 1921-1992), an operating engineer for Bethlehem Steel at Sparrows Point, MD.  He studied privately from 1955-59 with Robert Kennick, percussionist for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. He studied further in Baltimore with Al Saxon (1959), Gene Biers (1960) and Chuck Memphis (1963-65), professor at the Peabody Conservatory. From 1961 to 1962, he participated in an American Legion sponsored Junior Drum and Bugle Corps. After high school he matriculated at Towson State University (1966-67) in Music Education. In February of 1967 he enlisted in the US Navy and was sent to the Armed Forces School of Music (USAFSM) in Little Creek, VA where he studied with Mike Shepherd (1967). After graduation from the UFAFSM he was assigned to a Unit Band and traveled extensively in the Caribbean and Mediterranean areas during his tour of duty. After receiving an honorable discharge in 1970, he remained in Memphis TN, his last duty station and played with local and nationally known musicians while enrolled at Memphis State University (1971-1973). During that period he studied under and worked with Dr. Tommy Ferguson, Band Director. Performing with the Tom Ferguson trio and the Memphis State University Jazz Band, he had the opportunity to play with, among others, Gary Burton, George Coleman, Frank Foster, Richard Davis and Marvin Stam. While in Memphis, he also performed with Herman Green, Phineas Newborn Junior and the James Williams Quintet. As a member of the Memphis State University Jazz Band, Bob participated in regional and national college jazz festivals, including the Mobile College Jazz Festival, Mobile AL (1972), The Midwest College Jazz Festival, Elmhurst, IL (1973) and the American College Jazz Festival (ACJF), Kennedy Center, Washington, DC (1973). He was part of the award winning James Williams Quintet at Elmhurst and received an award for outstanding achievement on drums, at the ACJF in 1973. In 1974 Bob returned to Baltimore where he participated extensively in commercial recordings at Blue Cs studio and performed with local groups. Recording credits include jingles, soundtracks for industrial films and locally released albums. In 1976, Bob toured the US and Japan as drummer for the Maynard Ferguson Band. While with Maynard he appeared on national TV (The Dinah Shore Show, CBS, 1976). In 1977, Bob was part of the Oi Donell Levy Band, a fusion oriented group from Baltimore. He spent eight weeks during the summer of 1979 at Carl Bergeris Creative Music Studio in Woodstock NY, where he studied composition and group performance with Roscoe Mitchell, Joseph Jarman and Anthony Braxton. Shortly after, he moved to New York City and began participating in the Jerry Callett Big Band (w/ Claudio Roditi, Chip Jackson, Tom Harrel) and the Bill Kirchner Nonet, which included Ralph Lalama, Dave Lalama, Bill Warfield, and Doug Purviance.

In 1981, Bob moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has appeared with Brazilian instrumentalists: Paulo Moura, Jo"o Donato, MaurIcio Einhorn, Helio Delmiro, Nivaldo Ornellas, Idriss Boudrioua, Roberto Sion, Luis Carlos Vinhas, Luis EAa and Nelson Ayres. While living in Rio he played with Osmar Milito in the house band at People Jazz Bar in Leblon, Rio de Janeiro (1982-83). In 1985, he appeared in the first Free Jazz Festival, held in Rio and S"o Paulo, with Chet Baker/Rique Pantoja Quintet, Brazilian Jazz group, "Pau Brasil," and harmonica virtuoso, MaurIcio Einhorn. The following year (1986) he participated once more in the Free Jazz Festival as drummer for the Idriss Boudrioua Quintet. After recording an album with guitarist, Helio Delmiro, in SP, Bob moved there to be with his wife, Anise Ferreira. Starting in 1990, he was co-leader, along with Alexandre Mihanovich, of a nonet called ReBop. The group appeared in S"o Paulo Jazz spots and in concert halls. In 1992 ReBop performed in the theatre at SESC Paulista and in 1994 at the Winter Music Festival in Tatui, S"o Paulo. In 1998 and 1999 he was invited to teach at the XXIX and XXX Winter Music Festivals. In 2002 he was invited to teach Jazz Styles and Improvisation at the Centro de Estudos Musicais Tom Jobim, a state sponsored conservatory in S"o Paulo, Brazil. He is part of the Nelson Ayres Trio, which plays jazz and Brazilian Instrumental Music, and co-leader of SoundScape, a 17-piece big band formed in 1999. While living in S"o Paulo, Bob earned his Bachelors in English Literature and Language (1994) and his Masters in Applied Linguistics (1997) at the Pontifical Catholic University of S"o Paulo, Brazil (PUCSP), where he now teaches undergraduate courses for the Linguistics Department.

Helio Delmiro: Chama (1984); Pau Brasil: Pindorama (1985); Idriss Boudrioua: Esperanssa (1985), Jamal (1986); SoundScape Big Band Jazz: Maybe September (2001); Alexandre Mihanovich: Amnesia; Rique Pantoja: Rique Pantoja and Chet Baker;

Unissued recordings:
Unreleased Recording (Amnesia), Alexandre Mihanovich, (S"o Paulo, 1994); About two hours of unreleased recordings with trio, quartet and quintet: Alexandre Mihanovich (g), Lito Robledo (b), VinIcius Dorin (sax), Wilson Texeira (sax) and Daniel DiAlc'ntara (tpt), (S"o Paulo, 1991-96); Unreleased Recording, ReBop, (S"o Paulo, 1994); Unreleased recording (Sorcerer), (Baltimore, 1977); Unissued tape (You Gotta Move), (Baltimore, 1977); Unissued tapes, about five hours of trio recordings with Bob Butta (p) and Bill Nelson (b), (Baltimore, 1977-78); Unissued tape, Maynard Ferguson Live in Japan, (Fukuoka, 1976); Unissued tape, concert with Gary Burton and the Tom Ferguson Trio, (Memphis, 1972)

Television broadcasts:
Nelson Ayres' Trio with the S"o Paulo Jazz Symphony Orchestra, TV Cultura, (Sao Paulo, 2002)' Nelson Ayres' Trio with the Cultura Symphony Orchestra, TV Cultura, (Sao Paulo, 2002)' Lost Boys Quartet, MetrUpole, TV Cultura, (S"o Paulo, 1991)' Nelson Ayres Trio, Ensaio, TV Cultura, (Sao Paulo, 2001)' Maynard Ferguson, The Dinah Shore Show, (CBS, 1976)

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