Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Yamashita, Ace (Tetsuji)

Yamashita, Ace (Tetsuji), guitar and piano; b. Tokyo, Japan, 17 April 1969. Ace is his musician name. He's been using this name more than 10 years and everybody call him Ace. He moved to Fukui prefecture, Japan when he was 4 years old with his family and stayed until 18 years old. His father is Yamashita Kinya (b. July 13  1940, Nigata- prefecture) and his mother is Oda Yoshiko (b. Nov 11 1940, Kobencity, Hyogo prefecture). They are both professional violinists. Used be member of Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Yomiuri Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo City Symphony Orchestra etc. He has a younger brother, Yamashita Yoshihisa. (b. Aug 16. 1971, Tokyo), a percussionist.

He began playing violin taught by his father from 3 years old to 17 years old and first stage was 4 years old. Joined Junior Orchestra at age of 9 to 17.  Played trumpet at elementary school and high school as self taught. Also started to play guitar and piano from 8 years old as self-taught. Took the music major in high school (major in vocal music and minor in piano) and started to study Italian Opera and music theory and history and etc.  Then attended to Nagoya Music College 2 and half year as vocal music, piano and composition. 1991, Left Japan to Mississippi U.S and played guitar in blues band with Tommie Lee Pruit and also learned from James Son Thomas.  Left Mississippi to New York end of 1992 and started to study Improvisational music with Connie Crothers from 1993 to 1996. Simultaneously stared to study with Billy Bauer from 1994. He established A.Y.L (Ace Yamashita Laboratory) in year of 2000.

Ace Yamashita (Solo live recording) (2000)

Radio and television broadcasts:
Twice in Fukui Radio from  1997.
Japan National Broadcasts (NHK) Jun 21 1997. 
FUKUI CABLE TV, From March 8 .1999 to 2weeks.

Back music of an artist Ryo Hirano s presentation video.

Kitakyushyu-city in Fukuoka Prefecture Newspaper and wrote essay to an artists Ryo Hirano s art book Jun 21 1997.
Fukui Newspaper and Fukui Citizen Newspaper, Dec 25 1997. Fukui Newspaper Feb 12 . 1998. 
Monthly Magazine (URALA) Feb and Dec 1998.
Sideman: The Autobiography of Billy Bauer. 
National classic music magazine iStringi from July to Oct , 1999.
Fukui Newspaper, Dec 9. 2000.
Fukui Newspaper May 14 .2002.

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