Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Yandall, Patrick (Norman)

Yandall, Patrick (Norman), guitarist, composer, publisher; b. Ft. Bragg, NC 1959. Grew up in Bay City, Michigan. His father Edward was a multi-instrument musician (Army), and his mother is Patricia, both from Samoa. His siblings are brothers Ed, Michael, Chris, Fred, Charles, and sister Myrtle. After attending Central Michigan University moved to San Diego, CA in 1982, where his family lived briefly in his youth. After playing the San Diego club circuit in the 80's, he became involved with "Jam Power", a production team for the Capitol Records division "Orpheus". This R&B outfit as a production team lasted for 3 years. In 1996 he signed with "BrainChild Records". This company contained other contemporary jazz figures such as Russ Freeman, Kilauea, Dan Siegel, Richard Smith, and many others. After BrainChild Records disbanded in 1999, Patrick formed his own label, "Zangi Records." He's continuing to perform live with artists such as Carl Evans Jr. (Fattburger), J Michael Verta, Greg Vail, and many other top contemporary jazz artists. Patrick was offered the guitar seat with Kieko Matsui but turned the job down as the timing was not acceptable. Patrick's wife is Marla and son is Marcus.

That Feels Nice (1992); A Lasting Embrace (1997); Of Two Cities (2000); Back to the Groove (2002)

JAZZIZ magazine

Nominated numerous times for jazz artist of the year in Southern California.

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