Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Young, Richard Wellington (Wan)

Young, Richard Wellington (Wan), saxophonist, composer, arranger, producer, and recording engineer; b. Kingston, Jamaica, 26 August 1971. His father is Neville Wellington Wan Young (Feb. 12, 1936). His mother is Colleen Marie Brady (December 14, 1946). His brother is Andrew Alexander Wan Young (June 3, 1970). His sister is Theresa Marie Young (August 26, 1971)

When Richard was five, his mother and father moved to Brandon, FL. Richard started taking piano lessons when he was ten. He took piano lessons for one year and two years later, joined the Jr. High School Band at Franklin, Jr. High in Tampa, FL. He played the baritone horn at Franklin, Jr. High and then one year later started playing the trumpet at Horace Mann, Jr. High under the direction of Leroy Flemmings, who had played with trumpeter, the late Miles Davis as well as James Brown, Otis Redding, and the Army Band.

Richard quickly advanced on trumpet and in 1989 just five years later, auditioned to join one of the twelve Marine Corps Bands as a trumpeter. After passing the audition, he proceeded to the Armed Forces School of Music in Norfolk, VA. He played trumpet for approximately three years in the Marine Corps band. While moving to his 2nd duty station at 29 Palms, CA, he switched to the euphonium and played the euphonium for the remainder of his enlistment.

After receiving an honorable discharge in 1993, Richard went to College to major in Sacred Music. He took up the saxophone and later changed his major to music education. While in college, he was asked to write music for a Promise Keepers convention by the director of bands for the convention. He wrote and arranged over sixty pages of music for the band, which was composed of several local bands. He also began writing pop music and sold his first pop song, "Keep the Fire Burning" to singer Dan Diaz while he was in college. He assisted in the recording studio by playing keyboard and trumpet. It was during these formative years that Richard became interested in Smooth Jazz and began writing more instrumental music.

In 1998 after graduating from college, Richard received a BA in music education K-12 and joined a group called the Celebrant Singers. He toured from coast to coast for the summer of 1998. After the summer of 1998, he started teaching science in Lakeland, FL at Lakeland Highlands Middle School and played with various bands including Rare Form, Milt and Friends (Wilber Milton was a former member of the James Brown Band) and the Playmates. In 1998, he began working as a recording engineer and studio musician under the direction of Tom Bartlett and recorded his first full CD of all original music in which he played all the instruments including tenor and alto sax, trumpet, valve trombone, keyboard, keyboard instrumentation, percussion, and vocals. He played benefit concerts and donated time teaching music clinics and private lessons in the community.
In 2001, he moved to Colorado Springs, CO to continue working part time with Tom Bartlett as a recording engineer and music assistant at a local church. He continued working as a recording engineer part time while teaching science at Carmel Middle School in Colorado Springs, CO. Here, he traded studio time with musician and song writer Jeff Lathrop for the construction of a project studio, which he called Saxamental Records "Where Music Comes to Life." In Colorado Springs, Richard wrote three Smooth Jazz songs, which were aired on four commercial radio stations and received some of the highest ratings possible. After accomplishing this task, he started a publishing company through ASCAP (Futureside Productions) and also became a writer member with ASCAP.

In 2002 he had music solicited by Bartlett Entertainment (Tom Bartlett's brother in Las Vegas, Nevada) for music and film. Two songs were sent to Julia Robert's production company and home, "Beauty Queen" and "What I Feel for You." In 2002 he also began a business in conjunction with Jamz web productions writing and producing personal audio web commercials for businesses on the Internet. He has also written music for President George W. Bush. The song is a jazz song called "Mr. President Man."

In 2005 Richard moved to Daytona Beach, Fl. He currently teaches band at David C. Hinson Senior Middle School and also works as a song writer, producer, arranger, recording engineer, studio musician, and performing musician. He has recently performed at the Bank and Blues club and Dirty Harry's Pub for the Bayou Boil in Daytona Beach, Fl and John D. Rockefeller's residence now called The Casements in Ormond Beach, Fl. His latest project was writing, producing, recording, and engineering the theme song for Ocean East resort club in Ormond Beach, Fl (www.oceaneast.com)

Serena (1999); All My Love (2000); For a Lifetime of Love (2001); Beauty Queen; What I Feel For You (2001); Sending All My Love (2001); If God Made (2003); All Things (2003) Different Kind of Love (2005)

Radio broadcasts:
New Music Weekly (2002), BDS (Billboard 2002), FMQB (FM Quarterback 2002), and R&R Radio (Radio and Records 2002).


Contact information:
Richard W. Young
Futureside Productions
337 Plaza Blvd.
 Daytona Beach, FL 32118
 (386) 290-9909

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