Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Zavalloni, Cristina

Zavalloni, Cristina, singer; b. Bologna, 21 November 1973. She starts singing at the age of 8, performing television signature tunes and programs. While graduating at the modern language school, she approaches jazz, taking part to summer clinics such as "Siena Jazz"  ('90) and "Umbria Jazz" ('91). From about 1992 on she studied classical composition at the G.B.Martini Conservatory in Bologna.

In '93 she joins the "O.F.P. Orchestra"  - a vocational training stage promoted by C.E.E. - in the double role of singer and arranger-composer. In '94 she starts the "Open Quartet. She wrote music for "Come valersi non servilmente di Bertolt Brecht," a theatrical show; this project wins the first prize of the "Iceberg '96" competition (jazz section). In '97 the group turns into a quintet, with the addition of French tuba player Michel Godard.
In '95, Cristina Zavalloni joins the musical association Bassefere: a group of 15  musicians. among them the members of "Open Quartet" - aiming at research in the field of 'improvised', 'experimental', 'creative' music. The interest leads her to take part to projects like "Impasse" - from an idea of Francesco Cusa -: it deals with an interaction between electronics and the poetry of the French author J. Jacques Prevert.  Later on, C. Zavalloni also joins some theatrical  works, such as "La Ballata dei Matti" - a Swiss production on a text written by Lorenzo Buccella - and "La Signora Sporca" - of the same author - in which she participates both as a singer-protagonist and as a composer.
In January '97 she is indicated in the Top Ten in Musica Jazz -  in the category "young talents". At the beginning of '97 she is entrusted with the artistic direction of the Mystfest Musica festival, in Cattolica. In this occasion she works with Kenny Wheeler.
In April '97 the "Open Quartet" is invited by the Italian Embassy in Romania to held a series of concerts in Bucarest. From December '97, she takes part, as a singer-actress, in the show "Delitto alle Terme", written and performed by Giorgio Comaschi. The show is on every week in Bologna. In February '98 she performed in Bergen (Norway) in duo with pianist Stefano De Bonis.     In '98 she was also in Toronto (Canada) to participate in the recoding of Canadian drummer-composer Jim Norman's CD.
In April '98 she toured Germany with "Open Quartet", performing in Ulm, Esslingen and Mannheim. She has also collaborated with Steve Coleman, Carla Bley, George Russell, Bruno Tommaso, Mike Gibbs. Parallel to her musical activity in the field of jazz and experimental music, she cultivates a strong interest in contemporary music and composition. In '94 she starts studying opera singing as a mezzo-soprano. In September '97 she plays the role of Lucilla  in Rossini's "La Scala di Seta", at the Teatro Comunale in Bologna. In November '97 she performs Schoenberg's "Pierrot Lunaire" at Teatro Verdi in Pisa. In May '98 she was Justine-Juliette, protagonist of Italian composer S.Bussotti's "Passion Selon Sade". In July '98 she was Rosina  in Rossini's "Il Barbiere di Siviglia", in Spain. In June '98 she worked with pianist Flora Gagliardi, performing compositions  for speaker and piano written by Liszt, Poulenc, Wagner, Schubert and others.

At present she attends the 6th year of classical composition at the G.B.Martini Conservatory in Bologna

T.A.O.: Amaremandorle (1994); Danse a rebours (1996); Bassefere: Catalogo Basse Sfere (1996); Nadoieda: Atto I e II (1996); Francesco Cusa Impasse: Su Jacques Prevert (1997); Catalogo Imaie: Panorama musicale Italiano (1997); Come valersi non servilmente di Bertolt Brecht

Contact information:
Cristina Zavalloni
Via O. Guerrini 6/2 40100 Bologna (ITALY
e-mail: ril3620@iperbole.bologna.it

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