Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Zayas, Roberto

Zayas, Roberto, guitar, arranger, composer, producer; b. Asuncion, Paraguay, 1955. Zayas began his musical training at the age of five, studying with one of the finest classical guitarists in the world, Maestro Cayo Sila Godoy, and also a good friend of Andres Segovia. However, in the field of jazz, Zayas considered himself mostly as a self-taught based of his prior music studies and performing experiences with his fellow friends musicians.

After studying the art of both classical guitar and the Paraguayan folk harp, Zayas began touring throughout South America, performing with Spanish flamenco groups, Argentinean tango orchestras, Brazilian conjuntos, and with various South American folk ensembles. Zayasi style combines elements from classical, folk, jazz, ethnic and popular music into a unique and personal sound.

Amongst his prior experiences, the most important and decisive gateway into the jazz was when the American Culture Center in Paraguay invited him and the Paraguayan Jazz guitarist, Carlos Shvartzman to play for the "Asuncion Jazz 80," the very first Jazz Festival in the country.

From then on, he appeared at many Jazz events and formed a duet with an Argentinean saxophonist Juan Carlos Lopez, and established a band called "Allegro." With a trio toured all over Japan for a year contract and later, South East Asia, Zayas established himself and reside in Taiwan since then.

In Taiwan, Zayas had actively involved in the music scene establishing the Latin Jazz Band called "Barrio Latino" which produced several concerts, including in the National Concert Hall, and Cultural Centers around the island.

Zayas had created and directed the bands "Equinox," "Formosa Sky Trio," as well as the "Latin Quarter," together with trombonist John van Deursen.

Beside composing and arranging for his own bands, special programs and events, Zayas has been arranging for choir, orchestras and Chinese orchestras (with traditional Chinese instruments), blending Latin and Jazz.

Zayas is currently managing his company, "Sol Y Luna Productions," the first foreign operated International company in music publishing, and concert promotions in Taiwan. 
At the present date, the Singapore International Jazz Festival invites Mr. Zayas as one of the special guests.

37; Zayas can be heard in more than 350 recording albums, which includes arrangements, productions and overdubs, of famous Taiwanese artists.

Contact information:
6F-S, #246, Kuan Ming Road
Peitou, Taipei 112
Tel: 886[2] 2891-1121/2893-4616
Fax: 886[2] 2891-1244

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