Karen Kucharski

Jazz.com is excited to present the tango-inspired artwork of Karen Kucharski. Please note that reproduction or use of these images without the written consent of the copyright holder is strictly prohibited. Inquiries about purchasing or licensing these works can be sent to galleries@jazz.com.

Karen Kucharski knows tango both as a visual artist and dancer. She has been dancing the tango since the mid-90s and has studied in New York City, Montreal, Buenos Aires, and Ithaca, with such notable tangueros as Argentine film star Pablo Veron, and Ithaca's beloved Matej Oresic. She teaches accessible methods to the fundamental building blocks of the dance based on her art and dance experience.

Karen combines her love of the dance with her work in the visual arts. Her paintings have shared the stage with bandoneonist Daniel Binelli, dancers Pilar Alvarez and Claudio Hoffman, musician Pedro Giraudo, and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Inquiries about purchasing or licensing Karen Kucharski's artwork can be sent to galleries@jazz.com.