Michael Symonds

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Jazz Painter Michael Symonds specializes in unique colorful Jazz Portraits. His oil paintings capture the soul and spirit of the Jazz Legends that he paints . Original artwork and reproductions of Michael Symonds' work are available through jazz.com. Send queries to galleries@jazz.com

Michael was born in San Jose California in 1961 and raised in New England. Upon graduating high school, he moved to Marin County and attended the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. In 1995, Michael co-created Black-Eyed Sally’s, a Memphis-style juke joint in Hartford, Connecticut which was soon recognized as one of the top blues clubs in the country. In homage to his favorite blues musicians, Michael painted a gallery of blues portraits that compose the centerpiece of Sally’s décor.

In 1998, Michael received his first private commission for “Colossus”, a large oil painting representing a montage of jazz legends. His commission in 2000 for “Giant Steps”, helped define his passion for jazz and in 2001 he moved to Scottsdale, Arizona to paint full-time. In addition to selling work and accepting commissions, Michael has had successful exhibitions of his paintings at Art One Gallery, Inc., in Scottsdale where he resides. His jazz portraits are his most sought-after commissions and Michael’s paintings are held in private collections throughout the United States. Michael’s medium of choice is oil on canvas and his paintings vibrate with life through his bold use of color and dynamic brushwork. Not content to paint in just one genre, Michael finds inspiration in landscape and urban themes as a complement to his jazz portraits.

Inquiries about purchasing, commissioning or licensing Michael Symond's artwork can be sent to galleries@jazz.com.