George Lewis: Homage to Charles Parker


Homage to Charles Parker


George Lewis (electronics, tenor trombone)


Homage to Charles Parker (Black Saint 0029)

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George Lewis (electronics, tenor trombone), Anthony Davis (piano), Richard Teitelbaum (synthesizer),

Douglas Ewart (alto sax, cymbal)


Composed by George Lewis


Recorded: Milan, Italy; 1979


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

George Lewis—the wunderkind trombonist, electronic musician and composer from Chicago—was 26 when he premiered “Homage To Charles Parker” at the Association for the Advancement of Creative Music’s annual festival in 1978. It is a work of sincerity and vision, one that affirms an aesthetic credo of his hometown organization—that a connection with tradition strengthens new, original music. The meditative first section of the piece, consisting of low synthesizer tones and processed cymbal sounds, creates an immediate context for reflection on Parker’s life. The series of improvisations that follow reference Parker’s music in format—soloist with accompaniment—but forgo the conventions of his style. You sense the musicians’ love, sympathy and respect, beyond idiom.

Reviewer: Joe Petrucelli

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