Prince Lasha: Green and Gold


Green and Gold


Prince Lasha Quintet Featuring Sonny Simmons


The Cry! (Fantasy OJCCD-1945-2)

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Prince Lasha (flute), Sonny Simmons (alto sax), Gary Peacock (bass),

Mark Proctor (bass); Gene Stone (drums)


Recorded: Los Angeles, CA; November 21, 1962


Rating: 91/100 (learn more)

Prince Lasha was a Forth Worth peer of Ornette Coleman, and Sonny Simmons a Los Angeles partisan; their collaboration documents free jazz in development on the West Coast. Pairing a loping melodic line with a jarring stop-time section, the written material dramatizes a transition between conventional structures and open forms. When the lead voices solo, though, their improvisations lack a compelling arc—the beat is relaxed and the evocative theme forgone. The dynamism of two basses highlights the performance: the mournful bowed introduction, the plucked high-register counterpoint to the walking line, the scribbled solo atop a flute-alto riff.

Reviewer: Joe Petrucelli

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