Jim Hall & Pat Metheny: All the Things You Are


All the Things You Are


Jim Hall (electric guitar) and Pat Metheny (electric guitar)


Jim Hall and Pat Metheny (Telarc 83442)

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Jim Hall (electric guitar), Pat Metheny (electric guitar).

Recorded: Craftsmenís Guild, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, August 1-2, 1998


Rating: 87/100 (learn more)

Throughout his prolific career collaborating with Bill Evans, Ron Carter and Sonny Rollins, guitarist Jim Hall has influenced nearly every modern jazz guitarist through his masterfully selective harmonic note choices. The often-minimalist Hall solo might be thought of as clashing with the rapid-fire pacing of Pat Metheny, but that is what makes this collaboration such an interesting listen. When they play together (Jim panned left and Pat panned right), Hallís influence on Metheny becomes immediately evident, and the two bounce ideas back and forth creating an interplay that is representative of Hallís major impact on modern jazz guitar.

Reviewer: Eric Novod

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