John Scofield: You Bet


You Bet


John Scofield (guitar)


Grace Under Pressure (Blue Note 130775)

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John Scofield (guitar), Bill Frisell (guitar), Charlie Haden (bass), Joey Baron (drums).

Recorded: Power Station, New York, December 1991


Rating: 86/100 (learn more)

Early in his career, John Scofield performed with jazz-funk legends George Duke and Billy Cobham before joining Miles Davis in 1982. Ever since, Scofield has released many straight-ahead recordings with top bop and post-bop players. He has also maintained his jazz-funk background with recordings including artists as varied as Dennis Chambers, Larry Goldings, and Medeski, Martin and Wood. In this straight-ahead recording, Scofield shares the guitar seat with one of his leading contemporaries, Bill Frisell. This track marks one of Scofield’s finest recorded solos. It gradually builds in intensity with a multitude of complex ideas and exhilarating extended lines.

Reviewer: Eric Novod

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