Zachary Breaux: Alice (Down In Parks Louisiana – August 1906 – August 1991)


Alice (Down In Parks Louisiana – August 1906 – August 1991)


Zachary Breaux (guitar)


Groovin’ (NYC 6003 2)

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Zachary Breaux (guitar),

Dennis Davis (drums, percussion), Donald Nicks (bass), Rex Rideout (keyboards)


Recorded: Ronnie Scott’s club, London, 1992


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

It’s pretty gutsy to release a live debut album – you establish immediately that you either have it or you don’t, and Zachary Breaux had it in abundance. 1992’s Groovin’ – recorded at the famed London club Ronnie Scott’s – introduced the Texas-born guitarist’s soulful, George Benson-influenced style. “Alice (Down In Parks Louisiana – August 1906-August 1991)" is a bluesy workout spotlighting Breaux’s laid-back deftness, offset by a fiery piano solo. Breaux only released a handful of albums before dying tragically young trying to save a drowning swimmer. One can only imagine the music this gifted artist would have made had he lived.

Reviewer: Lucy Tauss

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