Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress


The Moon is a Harsh Mistress


Charlie Haden (bass) and Pat Metheny (guitar, keyboards)


Beyond the Missouri Sky (Verve: 314 537 130-2)

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Charlie Haden (bass), Pat Metheny (guitar, keyboards).

Recorded: New York, NY. 1996


Rating: 80/100 (learn more)

This tasteful pairing should have been documented long before these 1996 sessions. Both players have staked out significant terrain as unique instrumentalists and composers. Metheny from his early days with Gary Burton through his successful group outings as a leader, and Hadenís work as part of Ornette Colemanís groundbreaking ensemble and beyond, need little introduction to most jazz fans. The addition of synclavier orchestration and some guitar overdubs make this almost a solo track were it not for Hadenís subtle supportive bass.

Reviewer: Frank Murphy

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