Chet Baker: Look for the Silver Lining (1954)


Look For the Silver Lining


Chet Baker (trumpet, vocals)


Chet Baker Sings (Pacific Jazz 1222)

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Chet Baker (trumpet, vocals), Russ Freeman (piano), Carson Smith (bass), Bob Neel (drums).

Composed by Jerome Kern & Buddy DeSylva


Recorded: Los Angeles, February 15, 1954


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

  Chet Baker, artwork by Michael Symonds

Chet Baker was to singing what Marilyn Monroe was to acting. His vocals had the same naturalness, limited range, vulnerability and come-hither charisma as early Marilyn. If you remember the long-running (but alas now retired) intro to Turner Classic Movies' Sunny Side of Life features on cable that carried Chet's "Look For the Silver Lining" on the soundtrack, then you already have a soft spot for this track. Admittedly, considering the heroin-gorged shambles of Baker's personal life, his singing “A heart full of joy and gladness / Will always banish sadness and strife” is a tad more irony than the market will bear. Nevertheless, his wistful optimism carries the day. Forget Chet's backstory. Relish the music.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz

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