Grover Washington, Jr.: Just the Two of Us


Just The Two Of Us



Winelight (Elektra 305-2)

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Grover Washington, Jr. (reeds), Bill Withers (vocals), Ralph MacDonald (percussion), Steve Gadd (drums), Marcus Miller (bass), Eric Gale (guitar), Richard Tee (keyboards),

Bill Eaton (Oberheim synthesizer), Robert Greenidge (steel drums), Hilda Harris, Yvonne Lewis, Ullanda McCullough (background vocals)


Recorded: Rosebud Recording Studio June-July 1980


Rating: 84/100 (learn more)

You’ve undoubtedly heard this intimate boudoir ballad a trillion times on your local soft-rock station, but the single version edits out most of Washington’s performance. A shame, because during the instrumental break he turns in a muscular extended solo that sends the song in an unexpected direction before returning it to the original melody. Washington is heard again at the end, but overall this isn’t one of his more dominant performances.

Reviewer: Lucy Tauss

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