Clifford Brown & Max Roach: Sandu




Clifford Brown - Max Roach Quintet


Study in Brown (EmArcy MG 36037)

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Clifford Brown (trumpet), Max Roach (drums), Harold Land (tenor sax), George Morrow (bass).

Recorded: Capitol Studio, New York City, February 25, 1955


Rating: 94/100 (learn more)

From his recording debut on March 21, 1952 to his tragic death on June 26, 1956, Clifford Brown executed some of the most remarkably crafted improvisations in jazz history. Most of these classic performances occurred when Brown formed a partnership with Roach in November, 1953 that lasted until the trumpeter’s death. The early 1955 sessions that became known as Study in Brown feature many classic Brownie/Roach performances, most notably “Cherokee” and “Jacqui.” Brown's classic composition "Sandu" features brilliant improvisational phrasing in the transitions from swung eighths to straight sixteenths throughout his solo.

Reviewer: Eric Novod

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