Marcus Roberts: I Remember You (1991)


I Remember You


Marcus Roberts (piano)


As Serenity Approaches (Novus 01241 63130-2)

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Marcus Roberts (piano).

Recorded: New Orleans or New York, 1991


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

There is something about a beautiful melody played with economy, empathy and respect that snaps me to attention more than any other sound in jazz. This Mercer/Schertzinger song saw its premiere in the Dorothy Lamour/Bob Eberly movie The Fleetís In (1942). Robertsís treatment borders on a playful reverence that neither showboats nor enshrines this classic. His use of space and harp-like embellishments make this sound improvised without overly altering the basic structure of the piece. It could bring a wistful tear to the eyes of some saps I know.

Reviewer: Frank Murphy

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