Stan Getz: A Time for Love


A Time for Love


Stan Getz (tenor sax)


The Dolphin (Concord Jazz CCD-4158)

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Stan Getz (tenor sax), Lou Levy (piano), Monty Budwig (bass), Victor Lewis (drums).

Composed by Johnny Mandel & Paul Webster


Recorded: San Francisco, May 1981


Rating: 98/100 (learn more)

Early in his career, Stan Getz was dubbed The Sound, just as Sinatra was The Voice. Small wonder. Getz's tenor tone was among Western Civilization's crowning glories, right up there with Shakespeare's quill, Rembrandt's brush and Edison's lab. Thirty-one years after Getz recorded Johnny Mandel's "Hershey Bar," the rematch of musician and composer was still sweet. "A Time for Love," written for the forgettable movie An American Dream (1966), is unforgettable Getz. Instead of the customary ballad order of sax, piano, and sax again to close, Getz and Levy render one gorgeous 40-bar chorus apiece, giving us a 6-minute preview of Heaven.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz

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