Wes Montgomery: Far Wes


Far Wes


Wes Montgomery (guitar)


Far Wes (Pacific Jazz CDP 7 94475 2)

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Wes Montgomery (guitar), Harold Land (tenor sax), Buddy Montgomery (piano), Monk Montgomery (bass), Tony Bazley (drums).

Recorded: Los Angeles, April 1958


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

As Stan Getz demonstrated in the early 1950s, tenor sax and electric guitar make a lovely unison. In 1958 Wes Montgomery cushioned the sound by plucking with his velvety right thumb, not a plastic pick, producing an even mellower tone, and his brother Monk's electric bass made the bottom equally plush. Add silky tenorman Harold Land, too little recorded since his unforgettable 1954 sessions with Clifford Brown & Max Roach. Toss in an attractive tune at a relaxed tempo. What do you get? Smooth jazz before it became disreputable.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz

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