Lester Young: I've Found a New Baby (1946)


Iíve Found a New Baby


Lester Young (tenor sax)


Lester Young Trio (Verve 314 521 650-2)

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Lester Young (tenor sax), Nat 'King' Cole (piano), Buddy Rich (drums).

Composed by Jack Palmer and Spencer Williams


Recorded: Los Angeles, March or April 1946


Rating: 100/100 (learn more)

Lester Young, by Herb Snitzer

During World War II, Lester Young felt a draft. Facing induction or imprisonment, Lester selected service, and wound up in the slammer anyway. Six months into his Army hitch, the 35-year-old conscript was busted for drug possession. After 10 months in the disciplinary barracks, Pres was dishonorably discharged. He then returned to the civilian company of his peers for one of the great moments in recorded jazz. During stop-time exchanges, Cole's and Rich's spontaneous synchronicity so joyously epitomizes musical communication that it sparks expressions of delight from the players themselves. Pres was a miserable soldier, but an immortal jazzman. Salute!

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz

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