Bud Powell: Bud's Bubble


Bud's Bubble


Bud Powell (piano)


Tempus Fugue-It (Proper Box 22)

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Bud Powell (piano), Curly Russell (bass), Max Roach (drums).

Recorded: New York, January 10, 1947


Rating: 96/100 (learn more)

In 1945, Bud Powell was bopped on the head during a Philly fracas that led to (a) his arrest for disorderly conduct and (b) an urban legend that “racist police” caused the mental illness that haunted Powell for the rest of his life—never mind that Bud was crazy long before Philly. One thing is sure. During moments of lucidity, Powell defined by example the bebop piano trio. In "Bud's Bubble," he tosses off one sparkling chorus after another, conducting a 2˝-minute seminar for budding pianists. As noted jazz sleuth Charlie Chan sagely observed, “Madness twin brother of genius.”

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz

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