Jelly Roll Morton: Wolverine Blues


Wolverine Blues



The Jelly Roll Morton Centennial --- His Complete Victor Recordings (RCA 078635236125)

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Jelly Roll Morton (piano), Johnny Dodds (clarinet), Baby Dodds (drums).

Recorded: Chicago, June 10, 1927


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

The success of this tune may have helped convince Morton to devote all his energies to music. Morton claimed to have written “Wolverines” around 1906. Years later, the publishing rights were sold to Melrose Music, and Morton was disturbed when the Melrose brothers published it as the “Wolverine Blues.” Titling a song a “blues” was good for sales; however, Morton was fussy about such things and didn’t like “Wolverines” designated a blues when it wasn’t. Here are three New Orleans masters at their craft, Morton and the Dodds each employing half the record to show just how much the published “Wolverine Blues” wasn’t!

Reviewer: Rob Bamberger


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