Keith Jarrett: I Fall in Love Too Easily/The Fire Within


I Fall in Love Too Easily/The Fire Within


Keith Jarrett (piano)


At the Blue Note: The Complete Recordings (ECM 1575-80)

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Keith Jarrett (piano), Gary Peacock (bass), Jack DeJohnette (drums).

Recorded: New York, June 4, 1994


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

Keith Jarrett’s six-disc set from the Blue Note nightclub in New York is one of the must-haves of the 1990s, and the trio’s medley of the standard “I Fall in Love Too Easily” and Jarrett’s own “The Fire Within” is the pinnacle of that stand from June 1994. The tune builds and builds for more than 24 minutes, as the three musicians give the music lots of space to breathe, letting its melody and then its freedom carry them and the listener along. After several minutes the standard gives way to their free but simple improvisation. Jarrett’s wordless vocalizing, which some people find intrusive, complements the music here, serving as an ad hoc fourth instrument. As for the structure, it’s really just two chords repeated and repeated, but it changes substantively with each measure – a splash of cymbal here, a new bass note there. So simple, so gorgeous.

Reviewer: Steve Greenlee

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