Bebel Gilberto: Mais Feliz


Mais Feliz


Bebel Gilberto (vocals)


Tanto Tempo (Six Degrees 1026)

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Bebel Gilberto (vocals),

Dé (guitar, bass), Suba (programming)


Recorded: No date given (CD released in 2006)


Rating: 83/100 (learn more)

Tanto Tempo sold more than a million copies, catapulting Bebel Gilberto into world music stardom. The familiar bossa beat, pioneered by Bebel's father, João Gilberto, 50 years ago, is very much evident in her work. But the daughter has modernized her inheritance, adding subtle electronic effects that clearly helped her reach a younger audience. Gilberto has a soothing, whispery voice, but lacks the brooding introspection that set her father apart from the crowd. At times her songs risk collapsing into a higher quality ambient music, but perhaps that is the niche she is destined to fill. But if placed in more challenging settings, Gilberto might surprise us with recordings that sell well and excite the jazz world.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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